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The biggest myth is, once you start dating you'll not take long before being pregnant. Having been raised with a very strict mom who couldn't tolerate any nonsense dealing with opposite sex relationship, I ended up believing this myth until I proved it wrong.

That all men are equal, liars and will never love one lady.Somehow this sounds true but not all men.There are cool men out here who know what they want from a lady and they'll try their best to love her alone.
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I personally don't believe in love at first sight although some people will swear it exists, My argument is you cannot be in love with a person you don't know so you are more likely to experience intense physical attraction if you feel you are in love with someone you only just met.

True love takes time and lots of hard work. Once those heady lustful days are gone this is the test of your love as you need to build something more solid and dependable. This is the main reason some couples break up in the first few months when they realise they don't have much in common outside the bedroom although they initially thought they were in love.
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The biggest myths about dating that exists in our society is that you can't start dating if you are not ready to settle in marriage in the next one year. In short they are against long term dating for instance like five years or more. I have been working so hard to disapprove this myth. I started dating when I was doing my final exam in high school. Coincidentally, my girlfriend and I joined same University. We have been dating all along and now am a fourth year and am contented I'll marry her. 
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The biggest myth for me is that you must marry whom you're dating. Sometimes loneliness might make one start dating a person it doesn't necessarily means the person is thinking about settling down and this is what the womenfolks should come to terms with. Some people just need a companion from time to time.The person may look and sound nice but that doesn't means he is really for marriage and as such there shouldn't be any form of force,pressure or coercion towards the marriage direction.

Dating doesn't always signal marriage, so people should understand this,when marrisge is in the offing it will be spelt out,some people leave to enjoy a dating phase and just dwell on getting and wanting marriage than knowing the other partner better.

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