Amazon has been carrying  out unfair business practices on the people especially people outside the USA. How can they be sued? 
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you can sue Amazon for unfair practice by go to the consumer forum of you country . For it you consult a lawyer  for this or go to online read all conditions
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You have to first talk to the lawyer and find out if your case stands at all. You have to read through terms and conditions of the amazon. And also read where your case falls among that practice. And then you have to approach legally. You can't blindly sue them based on your interpretation of the law. 
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This means you cannot sue Amazon in a court of law. Your remedy is to demand an arbitration before an arbitrator of the American Arbitration Association (AAA). AAA operates like a “private court,” where an attorney or judge is appointed as an arbitrator to decide your case.
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Further under this law, even without a client, any can lawyer sue a business for an alleged unfair business practice even if it has been investigated or remedied by the district attorney or a regulatory agency. ... If your case wins, you may be awarded compensatory damages, punitive damages, and even attorney's fees.
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Do you really think that that is such a good idea? Whatever your grievance, you will find that Amazon's pockets are a lot deeper than yours! Your best bet will be to complain loudly and put it all down to experience.
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