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I wonder why people make noise while having their food. Can we consider smacking as an eating disorder?
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An eating disorder?  I think that's taking it a bit too far.  In my culture, smacking is considered bad manners and rude.  It's a noisy way to eat your food, it disturbs the other person trying to eat their food, and no matter how good the food taste, it's really not necessary to eat so loudly!  Don't get me started on talking about "disorders" and "addictions" and "diseases".  I think some unethical people who are medical professionals only call something a "sickness" or an "illness" so that they can make money charging you for the treatment of something you can control with your own will power, on your own.
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Personally, I see it as lack of proper training smacking while eating. When I was much younger i had the bad habit of smacking while eating until I was corrected by an elder brother. 
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I think it is just a bad table manner. They don't need to smack their food. I don't like people that is having noise while eating, because it really disturb me big time. I think this one is a habit.
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It is not disorder when a person eat a food and it's  noisy, it's normal I guess, because sometimes I do that too.

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I'm not sure we can call this an eating disorder. There are some people who have an issue breathing through their nose and this will affect the way they eat. They are keeping their mouth open so they can get oxygen as they are chewing their food. 

  • Then, on the other hand, they were never taught how to eat correctly at the table. They chew their food with their mouth open and make a horrible noise.
  • There are some people who just put way too much food in their mouth and need to keep their mouth open when they chew up their food. 
  • Some people feel they are starving and just keep their mouth open and stuff the food down.
  • Others will eat so fast and have so much food in their mouth and try talking while eating.
  • Another bad manner is slurping your food or whatever you eat.
There are many bad eating habits and many times people are just in too much of a hurry to sit down and eat correctly, they just don't care. 
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There are reasons people smack while eating. Some times it is just bad table manners and other time it is due to one problem or the other.

The size of some people's lips is quite smaller than the mouth cavity do so it inevitable for their lips to be parted while the chew causing sounds. The faster It gets, the louder It is. 

Other people have breathing problems such that they breathe with their mouth which has to be open while they chew. 

Missing teeth, loose dentition and jaw deformation can also cause a person to chew awkwardly and make noise while eating. 
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I have noticed this too, especially for people rushing their food  and without even chewing the food properly.

I wouldn't attribute this to anything other than lack of proper training from maybe childhood on how to eat properly, I don't believe this is  any eating disorder at least I haven't heard or read about such findings.

I believe until people begin to relax and enjoy their food while chewing properly and with the mouth closed we will continue to see people smacking while eating.

The less people talk when eating and limiting the way air get in between the lips to cause vibration which produces noise while one is eating the better it will be to help curb can really be an annoying sounds and need to be stopped.

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