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What will be in your mind if you find a person humming while taking his food?
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I think there are varied reasons as to why people hum when they are eating from my growing up days we were told eating while quiet are good table manners so why would someone diaturb the peace of others while eating? Anyway to me i feel it is disrepectful. I wouldn't feel comfortable having someone like that on the dinner table with me. Who know's, maybe the person wants to spill out some information or a secret thats is not supposed to be let out, or maybe they are trying to give a sign that something bad is about to happen. It could mean anything but its not good. I would rather you do that when your alone and not in the midst of people.
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I don't know why people hum when they eat.  I'm not around people who hum when they eat.  I was taught that it was rude to "sing at the table".  I just figured that included humming.  Although I did watch a TV series and the guy was humming while he eating.  The reason why was obvious.  He was in love.


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For me though, i don't consider it as strange or wrong. I see it as the person eating is only savouring his/her meal that's why they are humming. If told that talking while eating is mannerless, why can't one hum then while eating instead of talking? 
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Wow, they can really hum while eating food? I think maybe they are enjoying their food or their favorite music is playing in the background. I am not aware if I had done this thing.
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Every people has their own way how to eat foods, maybe humming is one of their strategy to enjoy the food.

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When I see a person humming while eating, I would just assume they  are concentrating and enjoying their meal. It is not even strange as people especially kids do it. 

I read about a four year old girl who does that while eating or concentrating on home. It is like it helps her concentration and it is in frequency with her energy. 

I think it is more like a self calming and self soothing sequence in their brain that helps them to be in tone and in sync to what they are doing. Just like how others move their legs while watching or studying. 
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I can accept it if its a child, but i will calmly ask them to stop it. They are better ways for you to deal with nervousness like maybe shaking your leg under the table or something. 
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I remember my dad telling me off for humming at the table when I was a child but I can't really remember why I did it. Maybe I was just happy that I was eating and felt warm and comfortable about it.

I don't think I have ever heard an adult do it to be honest but perhaps it is just a habit. I have a few habits like jigging my knee up and down while I am concentrating on something or even twiddling my thumbs when I am bored.
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People hum for many reasons, not only when eating but also when reading or even working on something. Humming means people are concentrating on something, hence is a psychological phenomenon.

Its hard to stop humming but with little more efforts you can.First, acknowledge every moment you hum and try avoiding it at all costs because its so annoying. Second and finally, try and find out what makes you hum in the first place and try substituting humming with something else.
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I think hum is the sign that person really like the taste of foods. They are also trying to feel the good taste of a food specially when they are starving. I experienced that kind of humming when i am hungry or craving for food. It feel so good i want to concentrate on my food. Enjoy what im eating and it makes me hum while eating.

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