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Fallin in love doesn't really mean that we fall in love with our soulmate. It can be because of many other reasons.

  1. You start off as friends, spend time together, talk, share your problems or even help the other person out. All of a sudden you start to notice that you too have a lot in common and really enjoy when they are around. Slowly, you feeling start to change and before you know it, you have a deep feeling for this person.
  2. A person is there when no one else is around. They have helped you through a really bad phase in your life. You feel love and affection for this person because they were so kind and loving towards you. 
  3. It can be as simple as chemistry and the two of you just feel so right together. 
  4. You have a good feeling when you are with this person. Love just comes naturally to you because of the way he makes you feel.
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Falling in love comes naturally to you when you have become so inclined the the characters, looks and attitude of someone. 

The things that they say and do makes you happy all the time and it makes you want to be with them every time. It is a feeling that you can't ignore and even when you do it keeps coming back. 

When such people hurt you. It will really hurt badly but you'd still wish they'd apologize and everything would be normal again. That's love. 
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People fall in love for many reasons.

Peer pressure - this is a major factor.Everyone would want to fall in love simply because their friends are in relationship. Most of these rushed relationships don't end lasting any longer .

Desperacy - Others end up falling in love because they're very lonely and have been single for long and eagerly need someone. They hence end up falling for anyone.

Finally, people fall in love because they feel like they're ready and want to settle down with someone. If both parties are both ready, them most of these relationships end up lasting longer.
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It's a basic human instinct and I think initially designed for procreation to keep the species going. There can't be many people who can say they have never fallen in love and the feelings of love/lust can be quite overwhelming. Some people fall in love at a young age and stay with the same person for life and others fall in love more than once before meeting the right person.

Most people want to be with someone and feel lonely if they cannot find the right partner. Although some people get along just fine on their own most of us want that special someone in our lives and feel incomplete without them. It would be a very sad world if there was no love at all.
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Love is a natural force that can not be controlled by anybody. People falling in love is something that can't be explained especially if the love is genuine and pure. There is this misconception that love grows with time. I don't think so. I love is not something that goes and comes, but instead, it is constant once felt.

Love is not conditionally based on how good looking somebody is or the amount of money one have or car one drives. Neither is it about impeccable qualities one possess. If love is anchored on all these fleeting things it can be equated to lust and infatuation.

Notably, people fall in love for wrong reasons as stated above. No wonder couples are breaking up more than ever before, because once love is mistaken for lust with time it becomes fadable, which ought not to be so.

The only type of love that people are supposed to fall for, is the one that has no element of unconditionality and impurity in it.
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Simple. Because they need love, care and affection. Being loved by someone is an awesome feeling. 

So everyone liked to fall in love.
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