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Yes an ovarian transplant has ever been done. I know of one which was done to a thirty eight year old woman from London. This woman had attained early menopause at the age of fifteen when her ovaries stopped producing hormones. Due to this the woman became infertile. 

The transplant was done at Infertility Center of St. Louis by Dr. Sherman Silber. She received an ovary from her twin sister. The two were identical and hence the donor's ovary were compatible to those of the receiver. 

The transplant involved a minor surgery to reconnect blood vessels which were minute, a half milimiter in diameter. Three months later, the woman had her first period after twenty two years which showed that she was ovulating normally and the transplant had worked. 

I also followed up and learnt that the woman became pregnant which further proved that the transplant was successful. 
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That's a good news, at least some women put there have hope unless you don't have money to do the surgery.
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I think the answer is YES, in Denmark. It was carried out on 41 women. The results of the transplant is as follows:

The transplanted ovarian tissue can last up to 10 years, with no relapses following the 53 transplantation and the chances of a successful pregnancy is currently around one in three for those with a pregnancy-wish.

Though, cryopreservation of ovarian tissue is now gaining ground as a valid methods for fertility preservation. More than 36 children worldwide have now been born following this procedure.

So, the retrospective cohort study of 41 women who had thawed ovarian tissue transplanted 53 times over a period of 10 years, including 1 patient who was lost to follow up.

Then, the 41 danish women, who had in total 53 transplantation were followed for ovarian function aand fertility outcome. However, safety was assessed by monitoring relapse in cancer survivors.

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