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I have seen a lot of websites convert PDF files to MS Word. We can edit text in Word after converting the PDF file. But my question is, how to convert a PDF file (contains image and text) created with Photoshop. Can I edit text after converting the PDF file to Word?
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You can make use of Adobe Acrobat Pro or Nitro PDF Reader. This two software have the feature in editing text, copying and changing the layout of a PDF file.

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You can convert Pdf file to Word, but the text contained in the PDF file created with Photoshop is not editable. A lot of websites provide this service as free, But there is no option to convert Pdf file created with Photoshop or no websites providing such service.

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You can make PDF created by Photoshop editable by using Adobe Acrobat Pro.
Follow these steps to make Photoshop made PDF editable
1) Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro
2) Edit the 'locked' text fields to editable
3) Save it in editable PDF format
By saving as editable PDF other users of the document can edit it of Adobe reader.

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