Which type of animal is more likely to die during the earlier life stages because they are major parts of the food chain? 
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As you had asked this question, the invertebrates like insects are creatures in a food chain that dies during their early life stage. They are commonly eaten by their predators.
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A food web consists of all the food chains in a single ... Consumers can be carnivores (animals that eat other ... They complete the cycle of life, returning nutrients to the ...
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In fact, the name "Proterozoic" means "early life ". ... Like the plants, animals evolved in the sea. ... They were unlikely to be feeding on land: arthropods are small and fast-moving, unlikely ...
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Mosquito has very short life stage, maybe about one to two days.  Some small fish will die eaten easily by predators. Another insects are also eaten by birds, bat, lizard, mammals. Also sea turtle, they're vulnerable even since in egg form, the egg would be eat by bird or dog. When they born sometimes doesn't know where to find seashore. In the sea they are eaten by predators too. From 100 eggs, it would be only one to five who can survive till adult.
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