Which site is the best survey paying site
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PrizeRebel. PrizeRebel is THE best survey site in my opinion. ...

MintVine. MintVine has a perfect blend of payment amount and quantity of surveys. ...

Swagbucks. Swagbucks gives you the most opportunities to earn money. ...

Pinecone Research. ...

Inbox Dollars. ...

CashCrate. ...

Survey Savvy. ...

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I have been Amazon Mechanical Turk and it has been paying over the years, the reward is in gift card which applied to your Amazon account, you can use it for shopping. Good thing about this site is that they have surveys from all over the world so you decide which one to take part. 
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Mobile Xpressions.

Inbox Dollars.


Pinecone Research.

National Consumer Panel.

Harris Poll.


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There are several survey sites all over the internet but unfortunately I find them to be deceiving in some way in that you sign up  and you are told you don't qualify for the survey. I had many and I left them am now working on Paidview point but moving very very slowly. 
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