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Yes sleeplessness can cause long bleeding. Lack of sleep can be due to many reasons but mostly it is due to stress. When you don't sleep and you have stress, this increases the stress rather than reducing it. So in terms of menstruation, a woman may develop menorrhagia. This is heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding. 

Lack of sleep also affects the cardiovascular system. This system is responsible for heart, blood vessels and the blood clotting factors. Therefore if you do not sleep, the blood clot factors are affected and this leads to prolonged bleeding. 

Sleeplessness destroys the health of blood vessels. It also affects the body's ability to heal and repair blood vessels. This causes prolonged bleeding since the vessels are unhealthy. 
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Wow this is something new to me never thought sleeplessness can cause prolonged bleeding. This are some good sentiments at least i have learned something new today thank you for sharing.
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Yes definitely sleeplessness cause long bleeding because sleep is very important for all.During menstruations period time ,woman undergo very stress and hormonal changes .There is hormonal imbalance .One need to be relax and stress free during the menstruations period.

A good light excercise is necessary during this time 
And need to try to get sleep.

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It would have been better if you had clarified that you meant normal bleeding or menstrual bleeding or normal bleeding. The answer would vary for both.

If we are talking about menstrual bleeding the answer will be a YES. Lack of sleep causes stress which in turn disturbs the hormonal balance in the body. This, in turn, can cause menstrual blood flow.

If we are talking about bleeding in general, like that induced by trauma, then the lack of sleep cannot prolong the bleeding time unless the concerned person is suffering from any blood clotting disease. Otherwise, stress and sleeplessness cannot have a significant effect on bleeding.

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