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Sometimes questions pop into my head, other times I will actively seek out questions to ask on this site. Where do you get your ideas?
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My questions come from the events in my life and around me. Sometimes from documentaries and programmes.

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I actually love this site for I can ask even the most mundane questions that have been in my mind for god knows how long. So while I do think of questions that might interest fellow members, I mostly just ask whatever comes to mind.

You can also post questions, which you and your friends have been arguing with. Opinions of strangers are actually interesting, too, for they kind of lack biases.

If you like to ask pretty popular questions, I think the more philosophical rather that the technical ones are the good way to go, especially if you want the conversation going.

Nonetheless, I wish more opinion-based questions will be posted on this site because it is really quite fun to converse with people around the globe.
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Most  of those questions that I ask, come into my head and especially those that am yearning to get answers. Not only me but lots of  people here as well ask specific questions because they need answers.

I therefore request people to give genuine answers so that someone can easily get help.Most on on this site, this make this site better like quora and yahoo answers where one doesn't have to search google for answers.
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My mind is a thinking mind and a wandering mind. I keep on thinking and thinking. I am unable to keep quite or sit quite without thinking. Even when I go to bed at night (whatever may be the time) I lay down on my bed and start 'thinking' about one thing or the other. Result..? I would be fast asleep with out any difficulty!  So, whether it is questions or answers, I get it from my mind!
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I'm yet to ask a question here but I will begin to soon though I'm quite new here.I will love to be asking personal questions that I will love to get replies to that I will  apply the solutions to my daily life.

No need asking abstract questions that will come and go without learning or educating self with. Asking personal questions will enable one get the opinions of others on the subject matter, that way one will be able to use the Best answer to better ones life.

I'm alresdy learning from other questions here and it helps me to realize I'm not alone in the little issues I'm going through since that same question have been asked by another.

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