I personally think that we need to design green products to save Earth. There are so many things that can be created with innovative ideas. The big question is what are these green products?


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Green purchasing practices can reduce solid waste, conserve water and protect natural resources. They can also help alleviate climate change. ... Green purchasing can help significantly reduce these emissions.
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I guess you are referring to using of eco-products. In my city, we are using the eco-bags now. Plastic doggy bags are not allowed here anymore. 
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El producto verde único que necesitamos en la tierra son las plantas y los árboles para que nuestro planeta pueda respirar bien y acabar con la contaminación global.

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"Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Necisitamos mantener el ecosistema plantando arboles y protegiendo a los animales salvajes. Todavia podemos hacer un mundo mejor para nosotros." (I agree with you. We need to maintain the ecosystem by planting trees and protect wild animals. We can still make a better world for us).
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We need more green trees and plants in our environment. Having more trees and plants helps protect the environment from degradation such as erosion. Green plants also absorbs CO2 while giving out oxygen for man use. 
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I am hoping that people all over the world will know this. They need to re-educate the impact of destroying the environment.
While russia takes out half of europe and china invades taiwan (powered by the oil and natural gas that they stockpiled during covid) it is much much more important that we learn about a theory that has not been fully proven that comes from the same people whose industry is what it is because of the uses of oil and natural gas

We would still be living in the equivalent of the early 1800s if it wasn't for oil and natural gas.
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Top 10 Green Products

10.) Dryer Balls.

9.) Eco-Friendly Paper Shredders.

8.) Green Power Outlets.

7.) Solar Speakers.

6.) Green GPS Units.

More eco-friendly Top 10 lists:

Top 10 Sustainable Cities.

Top 10 energy efficient states.
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I do think that we need to consider the usage of eco-friendly products. Solid Waste Management should be imposed on every country in this world.
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We can make the earth green by planting more trees and use of eco friendly products such as the eco bags. Planting vegetable covers and avoidance of pollution of any kind. 
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We can never be wrong in planting more trees here on Earth. In the Philippines, some places are using eco-bags now.
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The green products that we must have are the followings-

1.Cloth napkins

2.Cloth or cotton shopping bags

3.Recycled fabric clothes

4.Rechargeable batteries

5.Reusable water bottles
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I agree that we need to buy or use tangible things made of eco-materials. In this way, we can save the mother Earth.
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Eco-friendly products are not harmful to the environment. These products are made from organic and all-natural ingredients and also come in recyclable compostable or biodegradable packaging. Eco-friendly business ideas for making money and saving the planet. Making products by using sustainable materials. Green industry businesses aim to use as little water, energy, and raw materials as possible while cutting carbon emissions or finds ways to utilize these materials in renewable and eco-friendly ways. 
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Nowadays, we need to consider using things that you mentioned. It is how we can start prolonging the life of Earth.
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we need to make the world green reduce plastic waster take care of water and preserve our natural resourses for the future generations
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We need more trees to save nature in the earth to avoid natural calamities in our surroundings like floods, landslides, and pollution. We also need green vegetables which are good for everyone's overall health. As we use the green color which represents our support for our mother nature.
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I think the best option is not to use plastics. It is one of the factors that water pollution became serious these days. I am not sure if eco-bags are effective to save the mother Earth.
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We can definitely continue to create products that are made from recycled materials, but you have to face the realty that there is no way to make anything more than 5% of our products "green". This is because the only way to power the machines that create our products is through oil and natural gas. And if you want to counter that by saying that all those machines can be powered by electricity that's totally fine. Its just that the generators that are used to produce electricity are powered by none other than: oil and natural gas. None of the other power options will work because, solar power takes 26 years to actually produce an amount of power equal to the price that you pay for them, there is not enough wind energy because there are simply isn't enough wind on the planet to create the amount of energy that we need, and the physical wind mills are made in factories that are powered by oil and natural gas.

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Can use the paper cups,paper bags,straws and paper plates. We can recycle the used materials to save plants from cutting. Use eco friendly products and organic fruits,vegetables too.
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First of all, we need green plants that can make our environment clean and also green color effects our soul and other body parts especially our eyes. Second we need reusable plastic bags and now a days eco bags are in demand as well.
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