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This actually shouldn't be a problem with many website builders today. They have a dashboard on all sites that are used to add new content, edit a post, reply to comments, and change the design of your site. If you have a WordPress site, the site comes with Jetpack. This is part of the package when you install this on your hosting company. Jetpack allows you to see the states on your site. It will display a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly stats for you and how many people visited your website. Furthermore, it can tell you what country they visited from, what were the different pages visited, what search engine was used, what search terms were used, how many posts were added to the site each day. If you don't have WordPress I'd need to know what website builder you've used so I can recommend a good program for you to use that will help you do this. 
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The first step you need to take is to install Google Analytic, which is basically a Google program that gathers and provide all your website visitors traffic statistics in addition to number of visitors, how long they spent on you website or even page, where they actually are from,as well as what type of keyword searches of your website.
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Google Analytics is a free tool that will help you track your website traffic. Create your account on Google analytic. You need a gmail to register. After registration. Go to your Analytic dashboard and look for Admin tab on the left side bottom. Click that tab. A new page will open and you will have an option to submit your website where you want to track visitor. Click a tab that says create property. Enter your website information. You will receive your traffic information including the location, device used, browser used on your dashboard after 24 hours. You can also see you traffic stats on your website dashboard if you install analytic plugin. If you are using wordpress, you will find many free Google Analytic plugins. After installing the plugin, you will have to verify your Analytic account ny adding the access token.

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