Why some people refuse it? and How can create own closure officially?
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Closure is the ultimate answer for any broken relationship, without it you will never move on, you will always be wishing or hoping that things would go back to what they were. closure will make you realize once and for all that the relationship is over and there is nothing else that you can do to rekindle it. its the best thing one can do for oneself.

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Yes its very important so that you won't be disturbed when someone's just silent.At least you'll have the guts to move on comfortably knowing that you're single.Also its important so that people don't end up being surprised. This is done with very rare people and most of them are always mature and understand how important it is to close a relationship in a good way.

Actually they always say, its good to end your relationship in good way because you don't know what will happen soon.That same person is the one was meant for you.
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I admit. It is just waste of time when someone's just silent. Thanks for your answer. 
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No, not in all relationships. I have ended a few relationships because of the way the people were, I found out they were trying to hide the fact they were a drunk or a drug addict, or just the fact they were downright a horrible person. I never needed any type of closure in this.

Now, on the other hand, there was one relationship I had no idea what happened. We were great one day and the next he was gone. I guess in a situation like this it would have been nice to know what happened. I think if they were such a great person they would at least tell you why happened and why it ended like it did. 
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I think closure is necessary in every relationship. For your peace of mind and tranquility, you need it because you never know what's going on in their head. Whether they are carrying grudges that might affect you in future especially when they are part of your close circle of people.

Even when you'll never meet again, you still need closure. It eases whatever tension you might have and it frees that space in your soul for a better positive energy. When you think back, you'll know your heart is all clear and good to go. Hence you need closure for yourself. 
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Sometimes, I suppose it depends on how a relationship ends and how much it meant to the people involved.  I think if it has been serious and it has broken down there will be a lot of uncertainty and in that case they need to talk and find out whether they want to make it work or go their separate ways. Sometimes although a conversation might hurt it is better to know the truth.

If it's a very casual relationship then maybe no closure is needed.  I had a relationship where he just stopped ringing me and I kind of knew it wasn't really working and was relieved that the contact stopped. No explanation was needed.
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Actually, it all depends on how the both parties in the relationship decided to call it quit. In some instances, closure becomes inevitable as it would help either of the persons to know where he/she belongs, thus giving peace and serenity to them, instead of leaving them hanging, and not knowing their fate.

Other times, closure is not needed, especially if there were so much rancour surrounding the end of the relationship. This could be experienced when one of the couples just decided to call it it's over without prior knowledge of the other. And this would definitely lead to lack of closure, as the affected person would feel hurt and disappointed.

But whichever way a relationship ends, be it through closure or lack of it, there shouldn't be bad blood between the two parties, because burning of bridges is not ideal in human relationships.

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For every genuine relationship it  is very important to establish an understanding which will surely brings peace between you both,  relationship has different reasons while they have to end,  some are very genuine such you both know the circumstances is above your control and the best is to separate in such relationship it is necessary but in a relationship where your reason of separation does not hold water,  the separation process is not usually a peaceful so there is no need for peaceful closure because relationship are usually the genesis of some long existing hatred between families.
I have ended relationship peacefully because we both knows certain obstacles won't make it yield good results, I am still in good terms with the person till now despite long time separation.
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Definitely,everyone needs a bit of closure when they're emotionally , mentally and psychologically down. It never easy to keep up and keep moving when there's a break up some people are just weak minded and can't just do well on their own and will need to talk to someone that will not judge them or find fault.
This most times should be carried out by an expert that knows the ethics of his or job that will make sure that everything disclosed by his or client is kept confidential.

Getting closure helps one live above emotional torture, it can very depressing when someone is emotionally down so finding closure will help one live better.

It will help give one a better insight of what went wrong in the relationship and how to avoid it next time.
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Closure at the end of relationship that involved dating is never ideal. The best that will happen between two person is either to be family or to be in relationship. And once you're into a relationship and it all crashed; of course,  the crash must be accompanied by negative or not to good factors. The nerd to be close again is apparently not necessary. Come to think of it; if the partner or your self was good enough , then why the separation in the first place.
Thus, there is popular wise saying in my tribe that goes "never say good evening in the same place; where you've bid goodnight." Because you will always get hurt.Don't forget, if two person have ever dated before and later meet without creating distance: then,, it's either they date again or love they shared wasn't real.

Either way, the closure will hurt certainly.
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Closure is very necessary at the end of a relationship. It is because you have to set each other free formally. All you have to do is to accept that, that's the end of his or her part on your story, that you have to already put a period and close that chapter in your book. Move on. Let go. Start anew.
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Yes. Closure is necessary for peace of mind. Fake hopes and thinking leads to mental problem. The first thing one should do is admit the fact. The acceptance make you move forward towards your life. 
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