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I can never be bored because I am always not only being busy but productive with my time. I come to realized that boredom is as a result of idleness. For me not to find myself in boring mood, all do is to engage myself in meaningful stuffs. By so doing my mind would be freed from negative energy which brings boredom.freeze
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I always feel boted especially O have no friends near around me. I always stays at home and just go putside when we need to buy groceries or to send or to fetch my son at day care. So, I will just doing things online like watching movies.
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When I'm bored I try to see a movie or two to keep me going and make it a bit lively for me.Boring days can be very frustrating though.

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I get bored a lot sometimes especially when I am doing something that I am not skilled at or does not like doing. I also get bored when I have nothing to do. 

During those times when I am doing something I don't like doing,  I usually listen to music. This helps me enjoy what I am doing because I will sing along and forget that I don't like doing what I am supposed to do. Although sometimes I just have to change my attitude to positive and enjoy doing whatever it is I was doing. 

When I have nothing to do, I usually pick a nice book or articles and start reading. I love improving my reading culture and those boring times are the best time to do so. 
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When I'm bored,I try to do all that makes makes me happy like listening to music, playing games and watching a movie or two. I try not to have a dull moment it kills my mood.

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