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I accidentally sent my lecturer... "Please sort me some data" He was a new lecturer, so he called me in the morning and told me that there was not going to be class that very day.

I couldn't save his number since we didn't know each other then.I then sent him "sorry, wrong text" but he didn't reply.

Since then, whenever he could come for a class, I couldn't settle down but kept on remembering that text and what he taught of me.

The bad thing was that in a class of 20 students we were only 2 girls ,me and another lady, but then he couldn't figure out who exactly he was talking to.

This is the text I'll never forget.
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There was a time I was invited for a walk by my friend but I didn't want to go since  I had a date with my girlfriend the same day. So when my friend knocked on my door I was sitting next to my girlfriend. He had come to pick me so that we could go. My girlfriend didn't want and she was frowning. So I took my phone and decided to console her I texted her " don't worry sweetheart, I can't go with this fool and leave you alone"  I didn't concentrate while sending the text. After I had pressed the send button that's when I realized the recipient was the same friend who had come to pick me and not my girlfriend as intended.
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I was so angry with an ex-sister in law that was calling here all the time and crying over something stupid to get my boyfriend to run to her home. She was married to his brother and his brother had died several years ago. She was hanging on and was claiming she was thinking of killing herself at one time, another time it was a guy she was dating that was beating her up. I wrote a text to my friend about all this and said to her that if she only knew it was my boyfriend that slapped her son around she'd never call here again. I sent it off but it was to this ex-sister in law and not my friend. She flipped out and called here immediately crying again to my boyfriend. It was sort of funny in the end and this person got an eye full of what I really thought of her. 
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I used to have a boyfriend that I was very fed up with. I sent a long text to my friend telling her how bored I was with him and how I intended to finish it. To my horror, once I pressed the send button I saw that I had sent it my boyfriend by mistake. I didn't have to end it because he called me and told me it was over. The stupid thing is I felt really bad when I thought how I must have hurt his feelings so it was only fair that he got to dump me!
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I ever texted my ex boyfriend accidentally. The text was meant for my friend and I was explaining to her of how that ex boyfriend was bad. The text contained really bad things about him  and to make it worse, most of them were lies.

I was doing that in order to get pity from my friend but the text accidentally went to him. He really hated me and we broke up for good. I have never seen him since then(3 years ago) but the text still haunts me. That was the worst text I accidentally sent and I will never forget about it. 

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