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Well believe it or not Greenland wasn't always covered in ice according to history. They say it was once very green and beautiful. Well anyhow, Greenland was named by an Icelandic murderer who was exiled there. He was hoping to attract settlers there and couldn't actually call this land Iceland so he named it Greenland. Where Iceland should have been called Greenland. It appears to many the names were mixed up. But no the murderer wanted people to settle in this region and he was basically alone. That is why he called it Greenland and not Iceland. 
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I like the interesting theory behind it. It says that when a Norwegian Viking Erik Red was exiled for murder he ventured Northeast of the region to discover unexplored land.

Now they are two tales to it. Some said he called it Greenland to attract settlers to that region while others said it was relatively green when he arrived there. It is said that during the summer especially at that era, the land becomes green.

There's another theory which said that the land was called "Gruntland" meaning "Groundland" but was mistranslated to Greenland. 
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This is so beautiful and interesting. History truly is good and can make us realize the origin of names and people. I love history so much. 
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