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Baby oil is not made with babies please. It's even made with the corn oil, vegetable oil  coconut oil, etc. 

I can imagine getting to kill a baby to use it and make baby oil :'(

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Not babies...

In baby showers do we spend the afternoon washing babies? Guess not :P

Baby oilOis made of different products such as essence, coloring and (preferrably) natural oils such as coconut Oil, almond oil among others. Of course it depends on brand and where you live, but that is just something to give you an Idea.

Have a great day!

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Baby oil is made of mineral oil and it has 2% of fragrance. Mineral oil is safe to use specially for babies when you apply it to your skin it wont clog to your pores it is actually just in the top of your skin. Mineral oil will help your skin moisture. It will help to soften your skin. thats why its called baby oil instead of mineral oil. 
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I hope it's not from babies surprise, I was thinking too, right now what made the producer name or call it a baby oil when it's not from babies. That would be scary if they did get it from babies. Oh no, not really. Baby oil was name after or intend to use for babies that is why it wa named baby oil. Some baby oil are made from herbal plants like almond, coconut, jojoba oil, and the like that is good for the baby skin. The manufacturer extract the oil from plants by processing it, some may boil or cook it to get the extract oil from it. The fragrance however, that we can smell from baby oil is from plant itself, too. Like Jasmine flower that is smells so nice that would really captivated by your smell. I like more natural made oils because it won't harm our baby skin.

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Are you seriously kidding me with asking such a funny question about what a baby oil is made from with your deduction on how or what corn oil and vegetable oil are made from, so you are probably inferring whether baby oil is made from a baby. Seriously, I couldn't help myself stop laughing after reading this question and I don't mean any disrespect but this is by far the most ridiculous question I have ever seen on the website or anywhere so far in my life.

Anyways, to indulge you with your question and trying to give you a blunt answer for it, baby oil is not made from a baby. I don't even know how you got to picture that thought in your mind because it gives me a wired picture trying to reason with what you are thinking about how baby oil is probably made.
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