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Life means different things to different people. I see it as a test, a path full of obstacles that we have to overcome before we get to the end. I hope I can say that although I'm not perfect I did my best and was kind to others.
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In a nutshell, life is a gift given to us by our Makers to experience maturity of the human spirit while on earth. Life does not end here on earth. There is life after death. We'll continue to live even after death.

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It depends on how much you value life and your perspective towards life.

According to me, life is a gift from God that we need to cherish.Its not a guarantee that you'll wake up in the morning alive and kicking.

Since we're given life by God let's utilise every single opportunity that we have.Let's live like there's no tomorrow. By this I don't mean we should go partying everyday no.I mean we should use our life well and make a positive impact in someone's life.
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Life is a journey that has an end. Life can be how you understand it. Here on earth we are all passersby. We are here for a season. In a nutshell life is that shot. So enjoy that gift and make sure you achieve a lot while you live. Life sometimes loose meaning maybe due to frustrations or dept crisis and so on. But it takes a lot of effort, commitment, bravery to make life enjoyable.
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Often we hear the question 'what is the meaning of life?' or 'what is the purpose of life?' or 'why are we born?' In most cases, we have our own agenda of what our goals in life are. But from a spiritual point of view, there are reasons why we are born. It is these reasons that define our most basic purpose in life.
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I think Monty Python said it all in his movie The Meaning of Life. It was a comedy that was focused on making people laugh about life and the meaning of life. There are so many different meanings in life to so many different people. This is basically about you and your values and what you want out of your life. You'll need to decide what is important to you, what are your values, and how you want to go about achieving these goals. 

There are people who want to settle down and have a family, others want to be rich and successful, while others want to be adventurous and travel the world exploring. You will need to sit down and figure this one out and then work on achieving your goals. 
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Definition of life is subjective. Everyone has to define life in their own way by living. As for me, life is a gift that I have been granted by God. This world's life is temporary, I will die one day and before I die, I must define what life is to me. 

We don't know when we will die, what will happen after life and so we live only by God's grace. Therefore we should strive to live our life through ways that please God. This ways include generosity, kindness,  compassion and love. This way we will be defining life through what we do everyday. 
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Life can be described from everyone personal experience and what one see life to be which could be  treasure can be  thrash to the next person.

I see life as a parcel that is given to everyone and we live and react according to the content of the parcel. Some people parcel contain good and everything works for their favour while another have the same parcel but the contain taste like sour grapes with load of bitterness, pains,poverty and back luck.

I'm always thankful that I was handed a better parcel filled with good things and I don't need to struggle so much to achieve my desires.I always believe that the best things in life are free but they are not gotten in a hurry.So I relax alot to claim them.
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LIFE  is just a time taken by a living organism from birth up to death.

LIFE is a condition that separate organism from its organic compound , is that period the organism exist before change to the organic matter . the term life differentiate plant and animal from inorganic mater such as calcium compound, silicon compound , metallic compound etc

LIFE is a living period of any living organism to spends the time GOD  approximate for each living organism, and all human being must do those things GOD need to done  and if any one go beyond the GOD Order must become to pay it at the end of the world when no one living organism is still  alive. All organism given life by GOD but at the end of the world GOD take LIFE of all living organism and then give the LIFE to them again.

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