I like Bentley more than Rolls Royce. I like Volvo better than Mercedes. I like Maserati better than Porsche. How about you?
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1. Rolls Royce

2. Bentley

3. Porsche

4. Mercedez (owner of the Maybach brand)

5. BMW

Debatable whether you can count Supercar makers, like Bugatti, McLaren, etc. since they have so few models and are not made for mass production (in fact they're all hand-made in the case of those 2). In terms of mass market luxury, Porsche tends to consistently be on top of that - but like all things luxury it will come down to individual taste and preference.
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  1. Bentley
  2. Rolls-Royce
  3. Maybach
  4. Lagonda
  5. Bugatti
  6. Koenigsegg
  7. SSC North America
  8. Porsche
  9. Ferrari
  10. Maserati
  11. Aston Martin
  12. Alfa Romeo
  13. Lamborghini
  14. McLaren
  15. Mercedes Benz
  16. BMW
  17. Cadillac
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I don't know. 'Luxury' car to me is an upgrade from my previous old car to a car that has comfortable features that my FORD 1992 station wagon hasn't. And it's fully paid for. :-D S Sit back and realx not having to worry about repayments. :-D

Sorry for being a kill joy.
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When it comes to luxury cars I prefer Lamborghini because  of it's unique designs which can not be found in other car designs,secondly it has a highest when compared with other luxury cars
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Coming from the country philippines and part of south east asia here are our list of top luxury brand that we consider as luxury in our country.

1.) BMW

2.) Audi

3.) Toyota 

4.) Honda

5.) Mitsubishi

6.) Nissan

7.) Subaru

although you can also see a lot of luxury super cars here in our country . but those brand on the list we already consider it as luxury. 
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One of the best luxury class cars that I would suggest is BMW which is manufactured by BMW company in Germany. This has become more comfortable and popular luxury cars in the world. Holding one BMW has become a prestige issue for rich people in the world. 
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Best luxury car brands in the world are

1)Rolls Royce







8)Aston Martin
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The most luxurious brand of car is Mercedes-Benz and it is worth USD185 billion. It needs to have a lot of money to have it. With this money, it is very useful in helping the needy people.
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Alfa romeo


In terms and markets luxury porsche.
According to me. these are luxury branded cars in the world.
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