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One thing that I don't enjoy is being stressed off. The thing with stress is that you are going to always feel the weight on your head and for that reason, I believe that you may not really enjoy the time that you are being stressed. So, definitely, it will affect your memory. 
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Whenever I am stress I cannot think properly especially when there is too much tension around, and yes it affects my memory in some other parts.

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Yes, stress affects our memory. How? You may ask. During stress, the body reacts by producing stress hormones. The most common stress hormone is cortisol which falls under the group of glucocorticoids. Over secretion of this stress hormone impairs long term delayed recall memory and enhances short term immediate recall memory. 

The part of the brain responsible for memory is known as the hippocampus. It regulates the production of cortisol through negative feedback since it is made up of many receptors that are sensitive to these hormones. 

Excess cortisol produced during stress impairs the ability of the hippocampus to both encode and recall memories. It also impairs the work of hippocampus by preventing them from receiving enough energy. This is by diverting glucose levels to the muscles that sorround the brain. 
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Of cause yes. Stress affects your memory so much. Infact when stressed you can't even concentrate well. When you are stressed there are voices and bells ringing in your mind. In nutshell another definition of stress is lack of peaceful condition of the brain. Some people have even been reported to have gone mad due to too much stress.  When stressed at times it's hard to remember even your name or even where you are going and what you are going to do. Stress affects your brain memory so much.
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Stress is definitely a challenge to our brain because when it happens continuously, it breaks down brain cells damaging the area of our brain that allows formation of fresh memories and recovery of old memories. Depression can be an enemy for the brain since it slows down our brain, sinking its ability to make choices or remember to focus.
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Stress plays a major toll on everyone's lives. It not only affects our memory but it can affect the way we sleep. Furthermore, people can either gain or lose weight due to stress. The physical side effects are dangerous to us mentally and physically. Stress will affect each person differently. Some people may experience

  1. Mood swing
  2. Loss of sleep
  3. Sleep too much
  4. Gain weight by overeating
  5. Lose weight by never eating 
  6. Hair loss
  7. Skin disorders
  8. Angry all the time
  9. Can hide in the home and never leave
  10. Start talking to yourself
  11. Loss of memory
  12. No motivation to perform the simplest of tasks each day
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Stress affect someones health. This is because when someone is stressed out he or she can have hangover in their daily activities and their lives can't be productive. All they will have in their minds is stress and this can make them loss concentration and not contributed to things people do daily. This can also make the person to lack interest in this hence can't reason very well.
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From experience, it did. I remember one time, I was all stress with work and I forgot about doing something that was needed during that time. It only adds to the problem. Stress really is a culprit of my memory loss. It is even the culprit of my anxiety. Once I get stress, I have different reaction which is really wrong because one should treat stress as a reaction but you decide if you take it good or bad. if you take it good, you are focus on the solution to the problem. When you take it bad, you will start to do a drama and for sure , you will get emotional. That is why you need to train yourself to react to your stress. Stress serves as a warning that you need to find your focus and drive. It should not eat you as a whole. Since this is the reason of memory loss, don't invite bad stress.
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I will answer in the affirmative because I can totally relate from personal experience.i know I can be so burnt out intellectually when I'm stressed and maybe burn out.infact it looks like when we are stressed alot of things don't just go right with our system it isn't just about our brain or memory.

I know days I was working offline on a tedious work as a cashier cum accounting officer in a large organization and so I was always calculating and computing the whole day and I will get home overly stressed I noticed my head was always full and heavy to remember tiny things I was to do, ask or get done and I will only talked about them when I have had my rest and dealt with all the stress.

So definitely our stress level really affect our memory level.
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Of course, stress does affect the memory. And the reason for this is not far fetched, because whenever somebody is tired, the memory part of the brain would greatly be affected temporarily until the normal state of is restored. Obviously, we can't underestimate the effects of stress on the human brain.

Basically, stress is not only the cause of memory problems, but also making causative factor of other health related issues such as anxiety, insomnia, depression, just to name a few. However, stress affecting the functions of the human memory is as a result of certain chemical hormone called cortisol(also known as stress hormone). The elevation of this hormone simultaneeously decreases other feel good hormones such as endorphine and oxytoxin that are responsible for proper worikings of the memory. This mechanism is enough to trigger stress that would inevitably lead to memory problem.

In conclusion, for stress not to hinder the rate we make use of our memory, we must learn to engage in streneous activities with moderation. And relaxation should also be incorperated into our daily lives, especially after stressful days at work place.
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Yes stress affects our memories. When you are stressed, it is almost natural for you to forget even the simplest and most basic things. When you are stressed, your body secretes stress hormones and when there's excess of this hormones, you tend to forget things especially long term memory.

Stress is also a precursor for a lot of things like discomfort, headaches, blood pressure, mood swings etc. I remember one time I was so stressed with school work. In the middle of taking a test, I just couldn't spell "is". I took me moments to recall.

Stress never helps. This is why we need to try as much as possible to make ourselves feel at ease. Stress can even cause anxiety leading to other problems. We should always take the time out to relax.
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No doubt stress cause loss memory,  every part of the body has the maximum number of hours it can work effectively.
Stress which is a state of abnormalities in the entire system of human that is controlled by the brain. When we are stressed up it shows that our system can no longer tolerate what is put before it and there is also possibility that what is stored or saved in the brain can also be lost.
For instance if you are tired and sleepy, when people ask you questions you tend to answer the questions with off point answers because the hormones secreted at that time is a stressful hormones not the responsive hormones which will provide the accurate answers . It is very important to know that the system works with time and has it efficiency limits.

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