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How can we assure that third-party keyboard apps don't steal our passwords to hack our entire data, bank account or online belongings?

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Well, you cant assure that, after all it is a third party keyboard.

I think it is truly a waste a space on your phone to download another keyboard, since android Aalready has one to begin with. You can only change colors and stuff on the android keyboard so I really do not see the point of downloading an app for that, an app that could place yoir data under risk.
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I don't know about hacking for these third party keyboards but I think it is very risky to have them in your phone. They can easily hack your information from your phone without knowing. The hacker might get all your information and even use it to buy things from a stolen visa card and leave you to deal with the problems.
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Am not sure if it will be possible for such keyboards to hack bank accounts or anything related. What I think is that there's no need of using such keyboards because some of them are always full of errors and use much data despite of them being beautiful.

In fact I don't recommend neon keyboard, I once installed this keyboard but didn't work to my expectations. I used it for three days and then on the fourth day , the letters were disarranged. Instead of QWERTY it was QWERTZ. I gave it sometime whether it will go back to normal but nothing happened.
Also some of those keyboards don't have the autocorrect function and in case you're not sure of a word, you'll have to consult the dictionary first thus wasting your time.

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