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How can I know the average salary of an engineer in America?

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You can check websites on the web that have job offerings. The wage is usually given hourly (just like in Canadá). It Will be easy to see the average salary that way, especially since it Will be the value offered by companies. It depends on what type of Engineering you are researching as well.

Simply tipe "Engineering Jobs in "place you want to know"" and it will show you the salaries :)
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Is this the way to answer a question? If you don't know please don't answer it. I asked what is the salary of an engineer in the USA. Not something about how to become an engineer in NASA to making a rocket or whether his wife will have more kids. I was on the way in my car. And at the traffic lights, I got a message on my phone mentioning that my question on Answeree has got an answer. I just parked my car nearby and checked it. And here it is written go and search on the internet. Is this the way to answer someone on Q and A? Don't make this wonderful platform a clown's place.

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Well, you have no right to be rude to me. You did not say what kind of engineering you were looking for. Also if you parked your car to check the answer it is your problem, not mine. You are making this a clown space by being very rude! Watch what you say to People. If you are so clever to go look for information yourself. I tried to help to answer the best way I could since you did not provide enough information. The USA is huge and there are different types of engineering. Next time instead of flagging and trying to blame your own issues to People, be more clear. And if you are too good and só smart don't ask and go look for information yourself. 

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