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A structure is basically a user defined data which is available in C language.

Structure enable us to combine different data items.

A union is special data type available in C language.

Union allows storing the data types in the memory.
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Structure Programming Language:

  1. The keyword struct is used to declare a structure
  2. structure is a user define datatype
  3. individual member can be accessed at a time.
  4. structure elements don't share their memory.
  5. all the member in a structure are active a a time.
  6. memory is allocated for each member

Union in C Programming Language:

  1. The keyword union used to declare a union
  2. union is also user defined datatype
  3. only one member can be access at a time.
  4. largest elements memory is shared by other elements of union
  5. only one data member is active at a time.
  6. memory is allocated for largest member.
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