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Whether they are at school or home, the major problem that parents face with their kids is the disciplinary issues. In good old times, in a family the father goes out to make money, and the mother will stay behind in the home. However, in the fast pacing century, both father and mother are going to work.To help those parents who are looking for a way to teach their children some moral values,there are a lot of ways there and I came up with this idea.There are lot apps available on the Appstore to teach a children.S'mores up is designed especially for the parents who are struggling to manage the routines at home. It helps the parents both to engage more with their kids and to accomplish the chores at home.

S'moresUp-IOS app
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A loving and devoted parent (or parents) is usually the best friend that a child has.  It's just that the child doesn't know it.  What are friends?  Aren't they the people who've got your back?  Don't friends love you when you're NOT lovable?  Aren't friends the people you know you can trust with anything?  You even trust your parents with your own children.  If parents are not your friends then what are they?  They certainly aren't your enemy!
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I am friends with both of my parents. I don't have my own family so I am asking in behalf of my parent's daughter. yes, you can be friends with your child or parents and that is much better.
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Emphatically yes. Parents are expected to be close friends to their children as it is the way by which the children can tell them their innermost secrets. But it shouldn't be seen on the part of the children as laxity to act unruly. Once that closeness is there between the parents and their children, if anything is wrong the children would be able to confide on their parents, but if that closeness is not there, the children won't be free to tell their parents when something is wrong. And case like this has led to several molestation done to children without the awareness of their parents.
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Yes. Parents should not only be a parent but also a friend to their children. Ever had the experience when you feel more comfortable in confiding with your friends? This happens when the connection just lies within the parent-child relationship. There should still be a thin line between parents and a child just enough to establish authority. Other than than, they should be more like best friends who has each other's back anytime, anywhere.

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They can but they should be a parent first. Looking back at my own relationship with my parents I really didn't want them to be my friends, I had friends outside the family and my parents, as much as I loved them, were there to care for me, guide me and keep me on the straight and narrow.

It does seem that some children do have a really good relationship with their parents and that's nice. A child should be able to go to a parent and ask advice but when it comes to very personal stuff I think a lot of kids would rather talk about it with their friends.  If you see your parents as friends that's good but for me there was a distinct line between my parents and friends and I liked it that way.
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Yes parents can be a friend to their children. It is advisable that a parent should make their children to be free with them. They should be their closest confidants and secret keepers. 

We have been brought up in a society where parents are viewed as very big figures that don't tolerate childish behaviours. Most especially the father figures. They are seen as people who are to be given utmost respect, no joking with them and you can only talk to them when you need favours like financially. 

This should not be the case. Parents should demand their respect but not to a point that a child cannot consider them as a friend. A friend is this person who will watch you make a mistake and correct you with love. A friend will always celebrate your achievements with you. A friend will always be your closest person to tell secrets and they will keep them. This relationship should be there between a parent and a child, friends. 
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Yes but it first depends on how much you're closely related .Kids always need someone who always cares about them, brings the close and is always there for them.

To enhance that friendship, you ought to love the kids, spend quality time together and you can even arrange for outings.

When you do all these , the children will win your trust and will always consult you and even ask for your advices.In such situations, try and help them in solving the issues as a parents and never try to be harsh because they'll end up fearing you thus ruin your relationship.
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In modern life yes and the parents should be the first friend of their children that is the best kind of relationship between children and parents they know each other. This is also the best bonding as a family. And it would be easier for them to open up if they have a problem or just need someone to talk. 
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Yes actually babies are the friends of their babies especially to the mothers. Babies usually know the scent of their parents just by being around them for a very long time. Applying perfume to the young one is very dangerous as they may forget and not love the right parents. So this love makes them an automatic friends.
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Yes parents can be the best friend to their kids. In fact that's what is expected of them. Good relationship between parents and their children is vital. When good relationship is maintained  it gives children freedom and openness in all their activities. Parents will also have  a good environment to understand their kids. Parents should take their time to make good relationship with their children since this is very important.
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I feel this is very likely because my daughter and I are best friends. We can easily tell each other anything we want. As a friend, we can get angry with each other and easily make-up in the end. Since she was little I encouraged her to always talk to me and I always talked with her. We had a special bond together which make it very special when she was growing up. 

As an adult, this bond only adds to our closeness. Even if I don't live close to her anymore, we still talk all the time and tell each other everything. 

Being a good friend to your child means that you understand that you are not only their friend but their mother or father. You do have limits that you need to set and things that will need to be enforced. But if you can tell them why it is like this, it makes it easier to be a parent and a friend. 
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Yes every parent can be friends with their kids. In fact, every parent should have that kind of relationship with their children. That will help strengthen the bond. 

When you are friends with your kids they will confide in you and always come to you when they are troubled. This makes it easier for you to guide them and they'll eventually make less mistakes in their lifetime. 

Some parents don't know how to come close to their kids. They create distance between them and their kids which often leads to a dysfunctional family system in the future. 
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Yes i agree, parents can be friends to their kids, infact very good friends. That's how its supposed to be. When parents avail themselves and make time from their busy schedules to spend time with their children they will be best of friends. Children need to spend all the time they have with their parents, that brings in the aspect of tight bonding and closeness. I don't think there is any other way that can make that happen if they don't spend time together. I believe its important to take time with your kids considering they depend on you solely for everything . So when you don't spend time with them,they will feel neglected,and that will eventually push them away from you.I don't think that is something any parent would want for their children. This would make them go out and look for that love that they did not get from you elsewhere. Heart breaking right? Children need their parents close to them always that closeness will help them in growing up as responsible children, and they will also know how much time is valuable to people. Being with people you love will teach you alot about togetherness. Spend time with your children and you will see the seeds you planted in their lives bring out the good fruits in them.
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Why not? In fact, parents should be the friends of their children. There is nothing wrong in it. In fact, there is a 'quote' in Tamil which says that 'grown above shoulders is a friend'. The meaning is that when our children are grown above our shoulders, they are our friends and should be treated as one.
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