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You need to give them time like an hour to use it. Or you can have them to use it but you are there to guide them while using. Do not let more than 2 hours to them as it would hurt eyes too.
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The answer is regulating how they make use of these gadgets. It won't be bad if you make use of the parental control features on these gadgets so that they don't cross over to territories that are not meant for children. Set time limit to when they are to make use of them.
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This is something I wanted to do too with my children. I already stopped them from using tablet but they really wanted to use computer, at least it's too far away from their eyes.

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When my grandchildren come to visit I have to restrict the use of gadgets for my grandson. If I didn't he would sit on the couch all day long in his PJs and just play on his computer, tablet or whatever he brought with him for his vacation. The reason I do this is I noticed that when he spends too much time on these gadgets he starts to complain about headaches. He says that his head hurts him all the time and then he will go off in the room and lay around in bed for the rest of the day. However, he is not just laying in bed, he is still paying on one of his devices. Therefore, the headache isn't getting any better, but worse.
I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and there is so much to see and do here. I feel as a child they should take advantage of the lagoon to go swimming, fishing and kayaking in. They also have a river that runs in front of my home that they can go swim in and hike in. The mountain is up the road from my home and they can easily adventure up the road and go hike up the mountain. There is so much more to life than sitting with your nose stuck in a phone or other electronic device.
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Yes this is a tough one because so many children have phones and ipads etc. and all kids want to be like their friends.

I have an 11 year old granddaughter who lives with me. Luckily she is the type of child who likes to be out playing with her friends so is only on her gadgets for some of the time. It's important to maintain a healthy balance of socialising both physically and online so if a child is spending all their time on their gadgets it would be sensible to restrict it and suggest other things they might do or take them out away from their online world.

Having said that my nephew was a real stay at home gadgety sort of boy when he was young but he grew up quite normally, has lots of friends and a good job. He still likes his gadgets but it hasn't stopped him from leading a normal life even though my sister worried about him when he was younger.
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In order to restrict or limit the usage of gadget for children is you need to expose them to do an activity outside house. Make them see that it is more fun to play outside house rather than using gadgets. And also give them a limit of time when using a gadget. Inform them that you are doing this not because you just want it. You are doing this because its not good for children being expose in gadget for a very long time. 
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Yes but you start by reducing the time that they own it.If they were using the gadgets for 5 hours, reduce it to three hours then two and finally one hour.You just cannot restrict it once all over sudden.

Find something that will keep them busy somewhere else like watching movies and playing video games.Something interesting that will occupy their minds and forget about gadgets for quite some time.

Finally, talk to them and explain to them the effects of using gadgets as such a young age. Tell them that the kind of things they watch in those gadgets will spoil their minds.
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There are many ways through which you can restrict gadget usage in children. When you say gadget the thing that will come to anyone's mind is mobile phone which can be seen in everyone's hand scrolling up and down or playing games or checking whatsapp. So if you want to restrict it in children, you should yourselves use it less.
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There are several ways to restrict children from using gadgets. You can keep the gadget away from children when you hide it in a place they do no see it. You can use password to lock the gadget when it is password enabled. You can also restrict some apps or websites you don't want them to go to by using word filters.
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I think it a simple thing if kids were brought up to be respectful they csn be restricted without stress.i have 2 nieces with me since my kids are still very young to use phones but I got 2 phones for the two girls and I make my rules clear to them.

Patents or Guidances could come up with rules that will restrict the kids,they only use the gadgets when necessary, no going to school with any device,no usage of any gadget  after light out.infact specific time the gadgets should not be used should be spelt out and there should be a follow up by Guidance's to see that the kids adhere strictly to it. No need pampering the child for any reason with this issue.

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