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I've been searching earlier for a couple of months for this same exact question and have finally found one that I'd 100% confidently say it's the best and have changed my life for the better and I would for sure share it with you because it's for everyone. 

Click on this link to go straight to the site where they show you and teach you everything about it and HOW you're supposed to do Affiliate Marketing/Online Marketing. The videos are done by the Marketing Director of Builderall himself so don't miss this opportunity to learn valuable information and might as well join in the best platform that provides the best Affiliate Program to earn money online as soon as possible.

Videos show and teach better that's why I left half of the explanation for it and you'll get training videos completely for FREE that's why I highly recommend it and I'm glad I found it !

PS: here's a picture to show you the potential of the best Affiliate Program I've seen:


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I was happy when I get first high paid doing online forum for 2 weeks sometime ago, I got paid $250 for doing online discussion for 2 weeks just answering a question and that was just easy.

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Because I have proven this, my best online earning is Humanatic. I have been to Humanatic for less than 5 years now. It became my sources of income year 2015 and 2016, until I found an online job. I could earn $200 per month if I only focus on the site. Right now it is hard to focus on the site because it is having errors and when you are so excited with reviewing calls you will get Service Unavailable. They are fixing the site at present and I wonder why it took a month before it gets fixed. Aside from that, I get a job that i received from Upwork. I am working as an Order Entry in an Australian based company. I am working online. I cannot add you to the list of employee right now as it is a per invite and you need to have experience doing the job. I am a purchases by experience so it was easy to be accepted.
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There are lots of earning sites online but it depends with which sites you are looking for exactly and what skills you have.Having skills like programming and freelancing can earn you much.For the basic writing skills then I suggest you check the these sites below.

PTP sites- there are lots of paid to post sites that pay well some of them include.Postloop and the forum wheel.These ones are very strict in need and you need to submit ten posts before you're approved to that site.After approval you can be guaranteed $20per month. There's also beer money forum its strict but you need to post only useful posts otherwise you'll be banned from the site.There's also forum coins and finally earn that buck forum.The later is really slow earning but very legit.
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I think it depends on what you are looking for. For me the reward site Grabpoints is my fastest earning site but it isn't my favourite.  I like sites where I can write and express an opinion or answer a question. It also depends on where you come from, some countries have better earning opportunities than others.

If you are looking to earn money quickly then I think sites that offer surveys are probably better but for me it is is not about the money but how much satisfaction I can get out of being part of an online community. I'm sure there are other sites that people can tell you about that I don't know of. Keep googling as new sites are popping up all the time.
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If you are looking for ways to earn money online here are a few great sites that are proven to pay:

  1. Paid Forum Posting is a great site that pays you on request. You will need to join the site and make a few sample posts to qualify. Once you qualify, you'll be posting on different forums for pay.
  2. Beer Money Forum is a site that you can join to post on the forum and learn about working online. The pay isn't that wonderful, but the site makes up for this with the information they have and the knowledge you can gain.
  3. If you are a great content writer, I'd suggest that you write a blog post for different websites. You can earn $10 to $100 depending on the site.
  4. Writing for online magazines is another great way to earn money. Some pay as much as $300 for your article.
  5. There are many rebate apps that you can use when shopping. They will give you rebates when you buy certain items.
  6. There are companies who look for transcribers. You'll need to transcribe audio tapes. The pay isn't that great, but if you are good at this you can make a decent amount of money.
  7. Some companies hire call center help and you'll work at home. 
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There are different ways to earn online. You can mine crypto currencies from sites or softwares in your laptop or desktop. These cryptocurrencies you an sell in other sites and receive real money for them. You have to have a fast processing pc and electricity to mine. you don't need any work when the pc does the work for you.
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Depending with what you want to do there are so many ways to earn online. You can earn right from clicking ads, blogging, writing content, taking surveys, posting in forums and so on. The following are legit sites where you can earn online. For best ptc sites go for neobux, scarlet clicks and gpt. For surveys go for clixense, ipsos and the list is endless. If you are good at a certain field or profession you can earn a living out of it by becoming an online tutor at studypool. If you are a good writer with good English and good typing speed you can register yourself at freelancer, upwork, overcoop or fiverr and start earning. If you like watching videos on YouTube, you can earn few bucks by watching videos at successbucks, paid to YouTube, you cubez, inbox dollars and swagbucks.
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I can't really say that there's one website where you can earn so much money because I haven't found such a website. Instead, I work on different websites doing different tasks and that has paid off. I think paid-to-post forums are a great way for beginners to start earning and forums are actually a great place to find out about other making money opportunities and read all the different experiences shared by the members there. Transcription is also a great way to make extra money and there are so many websites you can work for and that don't require any past experience like Rev Transcription, GoTranscript, Scribie and TranscribeMe. You just have to pass a test following their guidelines and you'll be approved.
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Well, thankfully you have a number of option available to you, but I think that all of them are going to take some time and patience. As any experience freelancer knows, no freelancing ever come quickly or easily, specially from the beginning.

It's worth of your time into sites like Elance, Upwork, and Freelancer, since establishing a good portfolio and repution on such sites is going to net you the most lucrative work.
Then there are second tier freelancing sites such as Fiverr, which allows you to offer services for a fixed rate. However because Fiverr is easy to access and popular, it is going to be hard to find work until you've gained reputation among the crowd.

Lastly there are content mill such as Content Gather and Crowd Content. The basic idea here is to write and upload as much content as you can and hope that something sells, or gain a good enough of reputation to recieve direct order of work such as with Text Broker.
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There are lots of good online sites that i find to best to earn from but they are mostly dependent on certain proffesional skills which I am yet to acquire but based on the skills I have currently about online earnings my best online site to earn money is beer money forum.
I am learning how develop apps which I am optimistic that soonest i will be able to develop new apps that can be sold online which will generate more money for me online. I am also sharpening my skills on how make videos on YouTube cos it a good way to earn money if one has huge traffic sources.
Affiliate marketing is an area I also wish to dive in, I have read lots of books on tips of how to be successful in affiliate marketing but the challenge is that if i want to make money as fast as possible from it is necessary for me to invest in getting genuine traffics to what ever I resolved to promote.

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