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Brittle diabetes also known as labile diabetes which is a name given to diabetes that is very hard to control. This type of diabetes is unstable, it swings from low blood glucose level to high blood glucose level. It very hard to manage this type of diabetes especially if the sufferer is an individual who is care free with his medical treatment.

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Brittle diabetes is a complication that can develop when one is diabetic. Diabetes itself is a metabolic disease in which a person develops high blood sugar levels due to inability to produce or metabolise sufficient quantities of the hormone insulin. Insulin is the hormone which regulates carbohydrate metabolism hence regulates blood sugar levels.  

Brittle diabetes occurs when the blood glucose levels of a diabetic person swings from hypoglycemia(very low blood glucose levels) to hyperglycemia (very high blood glucose levels). This makes it so hard to control by doctors. Another name given to brittle diabetes is labile diabetes. Both brittle and labile can be defined in layman language as unstable and easily changed. 
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Brittle diabetes is a severe form of diabetes and causes unpredictable rise and fall of the glucose level.Its not that common, only a few percentage of those taking taking insulin will get the disease.

Some of those cases include, you are probably not taking your medication, uncontrolled stress, eating disordered diet among other conditions.

Some of its symptoms include, nervous, confusion, dizziness, nausea ,headache and among other symptoms.

Some of those treatments include, pancreatic transplant - replaces some of the cells in your pancrease that makes insulin. The cells come from a deceased donor's pancrease.Also, you can exercise, stick to your medication and eat a well balanced diet.
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For me, Brittle Diabetes is very dangerous. Labile diabetes or we called normally Brittle Diabetes, is a severe form of diabetes. I know a person with this kind and it was so hard for him to be admitted and discharged in the hospital over and over. This is a condition where the glucose levels varies immediately and always. When you are diagnose with this kind, you need to follow a strict diet asap because that is the only way to manage your condition. It is like a complication of Diabetes but it mostly occur when you have Type 1 Diabetes, and not happening with people with Type 2 Diabetes. Take note of this, it happens mostly to female and everyone with poor diet and lifestyle might get it. Watch your sugar and take note if it fluctuates a lot.
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