I'm going to the voting center to cast my ballot to vote on November 3rd 2020.

What's this viral tweet about "stealing mail boxes" to suppress mail-in voting? Who's stealing what? Who're making this news in the mainstream media spread like wild fire?

A good person and ethical journalist in the video investigated. See for yourself.

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First of all, and lets get one thing straight, the REPUBLICONS are the ones that want to put an end to mail-in ballots because they are afraid of losing. Especially our *** hole president. The other reason is because their brain dead brains think that the Democrats will rig the election, thus causing them to win. However, this is not true. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy wants to put a stop, along with tRUMP, to all mail-in voting to make sure tRUMP wins (remember the hacked 2016 elections were tRUMP had Russia rig the elections?)

To make a long story short, your video is bullshit and full of lies. Democrats don't want to stop mail-in voting. The retarded REPUBLICON party does.

Stop watching the Fake News Channel and start watching more MSNBC.
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Thank you for dropping by. But I would have preferred that you stop your ad hominem. Instead, concentrate on facts and evidences to ally with the truth I have put out on the premise of my discussion.

My advice to you for entering in an intelligent discussion such as I've opened for this opportunity for you to engage in, is, I do not allow you to tell people who come here to tell everyone how and what to think.

Such old cliche:"Let's get one thing straight" should be your own creed. Find the truth and straighten yourself up. You'll do yourself much good.

If you have anything rational to answer my question--with facts--with truth-- you are more than welcome to chime in.

Thanks. Have a nice discussion here. See you soon.
i encourage everyone to watch: The Epoch Times, Fox news, Breitbart, OAN, PJ Media, The Daily Wire, The Blaze TV, Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Hodgetwins, Steven Crowder.

Good day, Morticia!

Spoken like the true RepubliCON that you are. I will stick with my comment thank you very much. YOU are the one that needs to get facts straight, but keep praising a mentally insane man who has destroyed everything in his path. Between Louis DeJoy and Jack A*S In Office, this country has seen failure.

Good day to you!

Thank you for your pointless montage of factless reply.

Is that all you've got? Zero facts? Only speculations and attacks? 

Give us, on behalf of my readers and smart commenters on my post, HOW HAS your most-favorite-to hate-person, President Trump "destroyed everything in his path"?

Who are those guys you named in your reply? Never mind, based on your imagination, I doubt it matters much in this discussion.

I will have a good day. Thanks for the good wishes. I knew there is something nice about you in there.

Silly idiot. Our *** Hole in Office hired another *** hole, Louis DeJoy, who has ZERO experience in the postal service department. DeJoy single handedly took away the sorting machines REQUIRED to sort mail. Both scum bags have nearly done away with mail in voting (this by the way is a tactic by *** Hole in Office to rig the election AGAIN). 

I could go on forever about this subject, but I've wasted enough breath here. I am a nice person. I just hate RepubliTARDS like you.
Thank you for your angry reply. You should study to calm down and discipline. 

So, the people who have investigated about the mail boxes being replaced with new ones simply because they were old and rusty--a hoax?

The overhaul replacements is an act of 'stealing mail-in' ballots by Republicans?

Thanks for sparing some precious productive time with me on my discussion post.

Thankfully, I don't hear and see you. Your expressions of expletives ( I think they are) are just letters put together for your useless, meaningless outpour of attempting to answer. Next time, use a Thesaurus.

Good luck!

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