Do you believe in saying that money can't buy happiness?
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I do agree on this matter. We cannot buy happiness despite having lots of money in our pockets. But then, we still need it to survive in this world. It is considered one of the basic necessities in life now. Perhaps we can edit the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs about this claim.
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Yes I believe in this saying that money can not buy happiness because even if you are rich you can also lack something that you would want to have which money can not buy for examole love ,you can not force someone to love you and also you can't live long even if you are rich you will also die just like a poor man 
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Money cannot actually buy happiness. This life is all about perception, how you see the world, your desires been content with what  you have. It doesn't mean you won't strive for more but at the end of the day they are things money can't actually buy.

We have a lot of depressed rich folks and we also have a lot of happy middle class or poor folks also so it depends on how you see life from your own perspective
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Money can't buy happiness but it can buy some things that can make you and people around you happy. Remember the NEEDS and WANTS. Do you think that you and your family can live and smile while suffering from hunger? Of course not. You NEED FOOD. To buy food you NEED MONEY.
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That is easy to say if you are actually fairly well-to-do. If you really are destitute, life is bound to be completely miserable and access to only a small income must bring what counts as happiness under those circumstances.

Or to give a more flippant answer, as Spike Milligan did, one could say that money brings you a far more enjoyable form of misery.
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Not 100% agree. Sormetimes a something joy need money to get it. Like travelling, maybe you really wish to visit Norway to see auroras with your loving partner, you will need money to go there if you live at another side of the earth. Or when your mother is getting sick, you need money to pay hospital bill. 
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Happiness is an emotion a feeling you get emotionally its not a materialistic object that you can buy at a corner store so no money cannot buy happiness its something that natural comes to you.
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