Is it really hard to forget your first love?
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Yes it's really hard to forget your first love at first but as the time goes by you will forget your first love and you will move on with your life .

What make it hard to forget your furst love is because you always remember the good time you had with her or him 
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One's first love is always perfect until one meets one's second love. It becomes a memory
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Personally, first love is a myth. I thought I found my first love with a woman. It happens that it did not work out. Now, I realized that my immediate family is my first love. They can never leave me alone and will be there at all times.
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Sometimes you will never know the true value of a special moment until it becomes a memory.
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Yes , it is really hard because first love is first experience in love life. So really hard for forget first love and his experience .
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The first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color, oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples.
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Yes, It is really very hard to forget your first love. But as the time passes and you keep yourself busy with your personal and professional life activities, it helps a lot to forget your first love.
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One's first love is always perfect until one meets one's second love. It became a memory.
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that is what mostly happens

yeah it is really hard to forget but anyway u will forget when u get another love true love happened to me onetime and i got another true love just passed away

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There is no such way to forget your first love. Maybe in the future, you already have no feelings to your first love but it doesn't mean you will not remember he/she again. 
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Yeah it is really hard to forget first love. The pain of first love breakup can't be explained in words. I took around 15 years to become normal after my first love breakup. First love is always special to me. 
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Your first love is always alive and lives all timein your heart, how much you try to forget, it never goes away from your heart.
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It is very difficult to forget first love because

  1. First intense feelings - as you fall in love with somebody for the second time, you happen to realize that true love differs from mere sympathy immensely. you come to conclusion that swift-passing infatuation is nothing is comparison with loving somebody to the bottom of heart. one will never forget his first acquaintance with mature feelings that were unfamiliar before.
  2. Everlasting memories - the person who happened to be your first love will never be erased from your memory either by time or by other beloved people in your life. the sweet memories of spending your time together will always be with you and they will remind you of themselves from time to time. they may not mean anything at all, but it's natural to keep those memories in your memory because in a way they have influenced the person you've become and they are a part of your happy past.
  3. First love is incomporable - you might have already found your the only one but there is always a scared corner in your heart  where your first love is hidden. you have special connection with your first beloved that is very difficult to break, although your feeling may no longer exist. moreover, it is unforgettable for those things you do in your life: first kiss, first confession etc. 
  4. A good beginning makes a good ending- for some people first love may serve as a kind of criterian for other people they choose for realtions. for example, when first love is extremely emotional and passionate, any other type of realtionship will seem boring or unacceptable. that is why first love becomes more and more valuable and unbeatable if new relations don't meet the requirements. 
  5.  You'll be intrested in him all the time - everytime you recollect your first love, you will want to know where he is and how he is doing. you may get so interested that you'll even check him up asking your mutual friend or using social networks. it is obsolutely natural to find out about his life once in a while, unless it becomes an obsession. 
  6. Broken heart for the first time very often first love doesn't last long and ends up with a broken heart. though the break up may be quite peaceful and you both go your own way as friends, it will surely leave its mark on you. the first week break up will be borne in your mind as well as the other good or bad memories and will affect your future relations the same way.
  7. First love will always live in your heart - irrespective of the span of time passed, the person, you loved for the first time, will be dear to you. that may be no longer strong and passionate feeling, but the deep unseen connection between you two remains. its sometimes impossible to explain as you cant name this feeling love but it is definately not indifference. memories of our young immature love are dear to every person.
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Yes it is the really very hard to forgot our first love because we have shared our all of the thing those you like, dislike else. That why it is hard to forgot our first love.

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It is true that first love is hard to forget because it is something that we have experience for the first time in the life. But we have to live with all the memories that life throw at us. 
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for me I still love and deeply care for my first love, I'm in a new relationship and he is still my friend, when he or I need a helping hand we are here for one another right now he is like my best friend although he is in another. I will never forget him because he was the best guy and friend to me.
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Yes, it's difficult to forget your first love, but if you focus yourself to love another person, your first love can be forgotten little by little each day until you wouldn't even remember that you had a first love. As long as you are not going to keep on reminiscing about your past experiences. If you keep on holding onto the past, then you won't ever move on for the rest of your life.
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Its an individual experience, some may find it easy whereas some may take whole life to do so. It depends on the fact that what your relationship dynamics were, was that happy relationship or a toxic one. Its easy to forget painful people but hard to erase loved ones from life. 

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Its not that difficult to forget ur first love. It jzt depends on how u take that. Its jzt like a sunset, there is brighter sun waiting for u in future tomorrow. 
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In my view the first person that you think of in the morning and the last person you think of in the night is either the cause of your happiness or the cause of your pain.
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If you are not with your first love that means he/she is not made for you. There is nothing like first or second love. Love is after all is love that can be happened at any stage of your life. True love is one who is your partner your husband or a wife. Who always stay with you, love you, care about you and always support you in any situation. Every time you love someone you feel the same. They way you felt on your first love and you will easily forget your previous love When you love with someone else. I think you need to be move on and start dating some one if you are alone and you will soon find your another love and forget your previous one. 
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