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I have been using Facebook to sign up for some of my online sites although I think I prefer to use email.  Which is your preferred way to join an online site?
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I definitely prefer signing up through email - signing up through social media may give sites/apps the ability to sift through your posts or personal information.

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I have never liked companies to access my Facebook pages when I join a site. I would rather enter my email address, password and information to join the site. The site will send me an activation link that I can save in my folders for reference. This makes it easier to find out what sites I've joined and what sites have my information. 

If you join with FB you don't have any records from the site and in the end, you can forget what site you actually joined. I think it is best to add my own information to the site and not use the automatic login information from FB or Google. 
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I use email or if required, Google account only; I avoid social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook because any site joined via them will take the identity of social media, and in some cases they (site management) will post/change anything they like as this information always come when I tried to join via twitter. So I keep social media separated from a site, you never know when you have to quit that site.
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Using facebook is a good and easy way to login to a site but I prefer you register any site using your email address. This is because the owners of the site will be able to easily communicate with you anytime there might be need. Also email enables google verification to a user of the site hence they will know the user is real.
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Signing up with Facebook is very important because your personal information will be kept secure.The more you sign up for many sites  the more your email address will be at risk of being hacked.Signing in with Facebook will keep your Facebook safe.

Signing in with Facebook, prevents your e-mail address from receiving junk and spam mails.Many mails fill up your extra inbox space which is important.

When you sign up with your e-mail, at times it might be mishandled and you find someone else mailing you and you end up wondering how did they get your email.
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