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Yes babies do dream and what they dreamed about is what's happening around them. I have watched my son dreaming because he was laughing in his dream.

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They do but not in the same way as adults as they don't have the space or the knowledge to draw on.

Studies have shown that for babies dreaming is part of their development and provides a pathway to their learning for language and other vital activities they need as they grow. They can't dream about superheros or similar because they have not yet learned about them but they definitely enter that dreaming stage of REM as we can witness by their twitching and eye rolling.
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They do always have a dream. Thats why most of the time they are smiling while sleeping. They dreamed a lot of things but not same like us adult. Most of them dream about playing and sometimes you can make then smile while sleeping because they can hear you in their dreams. If they felt something in real life it can also happened on their dreams.
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Yes babies do dream and it can be observed from their movements, and even talking while sleeping. This is associated with their growth and development. 
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