I am 20 years old, what should I do to improve my future?
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They are many things to do that will improve your future let's just focus on some few right now.

• Get educated 

• learn a skill 

• strive to be consistence in what you have passion for.

Let's sat you don't wanna further your education you can go into online marketing or whatever inbuilt skill you think you have the flare for and work on honing the skill till you are good at it.
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Dear friend, As for as I think it's best time to start your career. If you have any plan for your career then start now yo work on your plan even it's any learning plan or earning plan. Now I'm 23 years old only three year I spend of my life and now I'm facing this many type of problem.
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If you want to improve your Future, you must learn first on how to improve your present. What you are doing now will affect your Future. Except if you have a time machine.
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If you have the chance to finish your university, then it will be a stepping stone to improve yourself. I am not also saying that having a diploma will make you successful. It is a matter of combining the initiatives and soft skills that can bring someone to the greatest height of his or her life.
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First, take your schooling seriously especially in college. Make sure the course you are taking up will lead you to the job you always wanted. If not, then, reassess yourself. Ask yourself what you wanted to become. Once you find the answers, look for ways to attain them. And if ever you stumble on the way, stand up, learn your lesson, move on and keep going. 

Apart from all that I've said, the most important is to be grateful for everything and to appreciate the people who are always there for you. 
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