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It is best described as bullying in schools. The only difference is the bullying is done virtually. Cyberbullying is pulling down someone using the virtual community, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. This behavior needs to be stopped. However, it will be a difficult one since cyberbullies are using false accounts in social media.
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Cyberbullying is bullying someone on social media using gadgets like cellphones,computer,laptop,tablets. They send negative and harmful words to someone. This type of bullying can cause anxiety and depression to someone.
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Cyberbullying is one of the heinous crimes that is taking place in the age of digital interactions. Cyberbullying is the form of bullying which takes place with the help of electronic technology and communication tools. Electronic technology consists of electronic devices such as computers, laptops, phones, tablets, and iPad. With these devices, bullies use communication tools like social media sites, messenger, text messages, chat boards, and websites to harass the victim or their target.

Who are bullies?

Bullies are the person or group of persons who want to subjugate the victim and usually are the persons from the close environments such as school, college, or community: victims are unaware of this fact, who might be the culprit or bully. 
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It use technology such as internet, smartphone to 'fasilitate' the bullying schemes.

Cyber bullying can be in form of verbal bullying, sexual bullying or discriminative bullying. The form can be cursing/terror someone on text message, tell and spread bad rumours about a target through social medias, post hurting/embarassing video of target online.

 It has same intention and effect as another kind of bullying which is to hurt and destroy their targets.

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Cyberbullyiing is the action taken by internet users who uses the Internet for criminal activities in other words it is called cyber criminal.

The following below are consequences of cyberbullyiing-
1.cyberbullying can lead to terrosim which can cause lack of security in a country.
2.cyberbullying can lead to cycologicol problems to the victims. 
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