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This will depend on the shoes that you own. If you own leather or swede shoes it is important to buy a protective spray to put on them. The spray can be bought at your local shoe store or in some major markets. Spray your shoes with the spray to seal them and protect them from water and heat. You should do this every 3 to 6 months depending on how wet or hot it is where you live.

Using shoe polish on your shoes will also protect your shoes from water and heat. You can easily find a good shoe polish in all major stores. They have the roll on liquid polish or the can of cream polish. Make sure you buy the right color for your shoes. Rub the polish on your shoes and let it dry completely. Afterward, use a rag to buff them up.
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Never leave your shoes outside under Sun rays (maybe Just for a bit when you wash them, then no problem). As for moisture keep them in dry places preferrably not inside boxes or with socks inside.

Whenever you use your shoes let them air for like 12 hours before putting them away. Also, if your shoes face rain or something make sure you let thet dry (you can clean with a damp cloth). 
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Thank you for your answer. Though i have a question to ask when i have washed my shoes like sneakers aren't they supposed to dry completely before you keep them away? How else can i dry them if not in the hot sun to dry faster. At least that's what i thought. Tbanks for your answer.
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You should put it outside but not directly under sunlight. It should dry that way, Just receiving warm air from outside :) if the sun rays touch the shoes directly they will definitely get damaged (color, material, etc) :) 

No using machines to wash or dry shoes is also important. Blow driers can also be helpful if you live in a humid place :) Just make sure the blow driers is not so close to the sneakers. Dont use blow driers in ballet shoes or anything more delicate :)
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First of all you can wash your feet and dry it very well with a towel. This will prevent your feet from sweating in a sunny hot day. Wearing a white socks can also help out. White objects does not absorb heat as opposed to black objects. Wearing also shoes which are well ventilated is good for your health. It allows good ventilation to the feet when the day is very hot hence sweating does not occur.
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