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I would not want to give ever my child again a cellphone as it disrupts her development. Children who use phones are more often delayed with speech and cognitive. 
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As far as children are concerned, mobile devices are not healthy for their well being. They have the potential of hindering their ability to do well in their academics. They are source of distractions to them especially if they are not guided by their parents.

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well, giving a child a phone is good, as long as you give her can give her a phone without a data plan for example, so she can call you in case of an emergency.

Children that are below say 12 do not really need a phone.

Setting boundaries to kids is the best thing, giving a child a phone with an internet plan might be a mistake since it can take their focus away from what really matters, plus they can get in trouble communicating with possible phsycos.
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Phones can enable little children to watch or view contents that are not meant for them. These materials are harmful in their life as they grow up. It is important to keep close to what they view and listen every time they are at home. The children won't be able to live a healthy mind life. They can even be addicted to their phones and become zombies in the society with the phones.
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I have 2 children, the oldest one is 10 and I will give him his first phone on September as he is moving to a big new school that is away from where we are living. This phone is mainly for me to contact him as he will need to take the bus and do a lot of other new things, so the phone will not have an internet plan and the money to spend will be limited. 
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In this age of gadgets, you cannot keep a child away from phones, completely. Many parents say that children nowadays are addicted to gadgets. But, we need to understand that the technology has advanced so is the mode of entertainment and information. Phones are needed for multiple purposes.

However, you need to keep an eye on your child's usage of phone. A phone is as good as a laptop or desktop. They can go to any site which might not be good for young minds to explore. 

Prolonged usage might cause strain to the eyes. Plus, confinement to virtual world will eventually take them away from physical activity which is again harmful for growing children.

Finally, nothing is absolute. There's no fixed rule which could work. Parents need to balance and give enough time to their children so that they do not feel the need to stick to phones.
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Giving a child a phone is not bad but it depends with your reasons behind it and which type of a phone it is. Giving a kid a phone to play games isn't that bad.What you shouldn't do is give your kid a phone to watch videos.You might be containing erotic videos in that phone and you end up spoiling your kid's mind.They'll always visual those videos they watched and go an extra mile practising if its a dance or something else erotic.
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My granddaughter is 11 and has had a phone since she was 9. It wasn't a new phone but one of my old ones after I upgraded. 

I know that many people do not agree with children of this age owning a phone but I have personally found it a life saver since she has been old enough to go out and play away from the home. I can ring her to get her back when I need her. She rings me if she wants to do something like stay to tea with a friend. It has taken so much worry away as I always know exactly where she is.

Although she spends some time on her phone chatting to friends she also goes out to play so I don't feel that her online activities dominate her life. She seems to be a happy well adjusted kid so I'm happy about her having a phone.
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Today with both parents working and the children basically being at home alone it is a necessity in life right now that children have a phone. I think it is important that a child have a phone with restrictions on the phone. Some restrictions should include that they can only call certain numbers. Emergency service, your phone number, their grandparent's number and a neighbor if there are issues. I don't think all carriers will offer this, but where I live they do. 

There were many time when my daughter was growing up I wished she had a phone. A few times there were issues with the bus she took to school and a few times she had left her house key locked in the home. I'd come in and not find her and panic. She'd show up a few minutes later because she was at a neighbors home waiting for me to arrive. 

As the child grows you can always use the GPS locator to find out where they are. This one is so important nowadays and can really help a parent keep track of their child. Furthermore, as a parent, it is your responsibility to take the phone and monitor what websites they visit, who they call and if they've joined any online chat groups. You need to take responsibilities as much as the child. Giving restrictions won't always work unless you check to make sure they are following the instructions you've given them. 
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This is a very interesting and important question at this time. Giving a child a mobile phone has both pros and cons. It's really important that the child is able to make phone calls and contact his parents in cases of emergency. Today, it's very hard to keep your children safe with all these perverts and killers outside. You can lose your child in a matter of seconds. So their safety is very important and allowing them to use a phone is always a plus in such circumstances. But also, giving a child a phone at such a young age might be harmful because they'll get to see things they're not supposed to see and they'll be spending their time on the internet and not focus on school.
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I think it is okay to give a child a phone so long as there is proper guidance and restriction. Having a mobile phone is one of the easiest ways of communicating with them, especially when you are away from home. Imagine the worry, and the thoughts that would come to mind, had you not been able to check them from time to time.

However, children should always be guided on their usage, as there are various content on the internet that are not suited for them. Before handing them a phone, it is best to explain, advice, and teach them the dos and don'ts of using mobile phones. Moreover, as children tend to be addicted on new stuff that catches their attention, I also think that parents should limit their phone usage and make them understand that actual interaction with people is always better.
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I do not think that it is totally a bad idea to give your child a phone. I mean, you can also look at the advantages of your child having a phone. The world is now globalized. You may be away from home and have the need to contact your children. It is also good for your kids to be able to socialize with other kids their age and not feel left out.

The dangers of a cell phone is mostly the Internet where you are not sure of the kind of content that your children are exposed. The best thing is to monitor their activities and most of all, explain the dangers of these things to them because one way or another, they'll be exposed and you'd be grateful that you lectured them.

These days, kids are even given take home assignments that involves using the Internet. The best thing is to teach them the difference between right and wrong.

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