Or is negativity some form of caution that delays you to taking your first step into seeing your plans work?

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Since my late father left us and be in heaven, I took life's responsibility seriously. The negatives things will set in, but I need to keep on being optimistic. I need to stay away from people who are too negative in life. For me, it is not the end of the world. There are always solutions to everything in this world.
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Thank you. Your answer is very enlightening. I'm often told, "What if I die, what will you do?"

I always answer, "I will still be alive and knowing the right thing to do."

I agree with your optimism. Thanks.
It is my pleasure to share things in mind. Speaking of death, I whispered to my father's ears that it is fine to go to heaven. I promised to him that I am going to take good care of his family. After a few minutes, he had his last breath. I can tell that he died peacefully at that time.
You are a great son a father could be very proud of and thankful for.
I hope he is. I am just trying to be a responsible son even he is not around anymore. Although, he is still there as our angel.
Of course he is. As a living soul now with his Maker, he wants you to have peace and comfort that all will go well with the amazing job you have taken in his place.
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The reality is the way we define negative and positive is entirely a perception that's based on each of us and that's why i think its important to not try and define what negative and positive is or even obsess over the classification or definition of the whole thing instead look at experiences just for what they are and try and avoid the whole label.

When someone comes at you and it feels like more of a negative experience or when you're in a conversation or situation and it seems more negative our reaction to it is really what's going to define how we respond so watching what our reaction is before we actually engage in it is a key thing and all that is it take comes down to being present coming back to being here being now and just saying to myself when someone says something how am i going to react to it what am i feeling that making me want to come back usually it comes down to three things:

  1. if we can stop judging
  2. stop trying to prove
  3. stop trying to be right

we are gonna make the experience or exchange that we're having with somebody else i'm a lot more neutral and lot more beneficial you may even gain a friend that of whole experience key with conversations we're just trying to come off with a different perspectives that's all we're looking to do it's two people are talking one person is one perspective one person has another and you're sharing right if someone is coming off a title more aggressive than another it doesn't help for the other person to engage in that same aggressive manner and most of the time when we do it goes back to those same three things:
  1. the judging
  2. the proving
  3. being right
Instead offer the proving and being right instead offer that perspective and just see if it does anything to them often times when people have what seems to be negativity within themselves and they lash it out to somebody else its like a poison and you can choose whether you want to drink the poison too and lash back at them or look at that poison see it for it is maybe ask them why they feel like they have is within themselves or just set it down and be the antidote to that poison just by offering a different neutral perspective isn't so aggressive, so when you are in conversation keep ego out of it, keep the judgment, keep the need for feeling like you need to prove or be right and everything will start to work itself.
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Thank you for your detailed answer. The bottom line,  or at the end of every matter, is: It's still every individual's decision to move on AFTER much investigation, study, strategy with own plan and goal to do. We should NOT allow anyone dictate to us. Helping is good.
Yes very true, be positive always never distracted with other advice which leads to negative and just believe in God for move on.
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I don't take personally the negativity. I just simply smile and create space so I can create inner peace with myself. I resist to judge and assume. I take a break and relax so I can charge again. And do sometimes try to divert the situation that I can feel will not do good at all. By being thankful all the time.
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Negativity is possible in life but we should not give up.Negativity has entered my life too many times but I faced it very strongly and always do it.

We should never give up. One who gave us life he will surely help us. 

I always thank him who leads us towards positivity.
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I've faced so much negativity that it's old news and it doesn't affect me. I learned to live my life always keep it pushing because there will always be someone trying to judge you from a near but far view. There is no point in listening to them. I usually just ignore negative feedback unless it really portrays to me I may listen and see what I can do to better myself or my lifestyle because you're not always right.
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