If you have, why do you have to act phony?


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I will be in this situation if someone is doing it to me. However, it is my persona to be like one. If I do not like someone or something, I will just true to myself and say things about them. I can be fake just to please someone. I will be franker than being like this.
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Thank you for our honesty. Based on you answer, you are not a phony, not like someone who behaves or puts up a front or facade that he is not to deceive people.
Yes, sometimes it's good to be frank for them to know well than act fake to avoid being hurt
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Of course, everyone has in life maybe once or twice. In Highschool, well I befriended one of enemy of mine and I literally learned about all her secrets and weak spots I played with her mind a lot and you know I did the right thing whenever she cheated i would tell that person or if she was talking about a friend I told them because I hate people that arent geniune.
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Thank you for replying. Mostly, you befriended this girl  and  gossiped about her secrets. You  probably were not even better that her. In my opinion.
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I won't fake myself for others sake. I stay true to a person as long as he's true to me as well. If they act like that to me then I won't befriend them anymore and don't play games like that
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