Sometimes, friends and even closest to you become a problem or are frustratingly unhelpful.  BUT you see them as challenges and they can never stop you carrying out your plans of success of reaching your goals. And doing that, the result is better. And optimism is a healthy form of attitude.

What's your say?


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If I am having some weaknesses in something or experience failures in life. I took them as a hard lesson and try my best to improve myself with these matters. I have some friends who are pessimistic in life. But I just ignore them since it will not help me anyway.
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I admire your wisdom and positive attitude. You are right, people who try to pull us down with them should serve us more benefits and gain from their pessimism by strengthening our fortitude and focus towards the hope and good plan planned out for us. Thank you.
Thank you for appreciating my thoughts about it. Life is not that easy, but we can still deal with them. It is not a good idea to run away from these personal issues.
You are absolutely right. Life is not so easy it's like a blueberry...
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every person has some strong and Weak points in them. I have stage fear and I was unable to reveal my potential in crowd. Now I overcame this problem by practice. 
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I simply don't focus on its negativeness instead I try to create something that can have good results. I always put hope in everything that I do and believed that there is no such perfect thing. And the change in this world is permanent.

So if there are negative things that we can see, we need to be patient and need to believe that it will not last forever.
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