Some people are good at planning their personal dreams. Others never dared to dream big. Which is one are you? I am sure you have dreams that wanted to happen in the future. The question is how are you going to achieve it?


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If I want to have a best life then this is a dream which I will need to do everything possible in order to achieve this dream of best life.

To achieve this dream I will have to think about what I like and I what are my passions.

I will monetise my passion and earn an income from it.The money I make will enable me to achieve the dream of living the best life that I want. 
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I can feel that you are a hard-working person in achieving your personal goals. There is no one who can do this, but us. 
Yes I must do everything possible to achie weve my goals of living the best life and I will have to work hard in order to achieve this goal, there is no shortcut. 
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Proper planning is necessary to achieve the plan. We should ready to learn and work hard to achieve dream. We should not give up if we face failure in life. 
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I hope that people will think that giving up is not an option. It is how I make myself keeps ongoing at present.
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unless you understand that you have got the push yourself, you're not going to make your dream come true, you're just not we are not wired that way you were not born that way you were not that way when you are growing up and you are certainly not that way as an adult and there is tremendous amount of liberation that comes when you accept the fact that you are always going to need to give yourself a push you are never ever going to feel like doing the things you need to do in order to have what you want you are always going to need to push yourself. you are always going to need parent yourself.

what is the net advice on this?, what is bottom line?

The bottom line is no one's is coming to push you, no one will tell you turn the tv off, no one tell you to do exercise, nobody is coming to tell you apply for the job that you have always dreamed about, nobody coming to write the business plan for you, its up to you. in order be that man or women you are to going to have to get out of your own way in order to produce something that you have never produced before you're going to have to say something you are never said before  do something you have never done before so you can be the man/women you have always known before yourself to be. it easier to accept the fact that i am just not good enough, i wasn't made to do that but i will tell you right now we can do lots of things when it comes to this pure arm guts and will power  and getting through things we have a lot more, a lot more than what we think we have. self discipline is everything and if you don't have it i look at you i know you're capable to more its all on you! the self part is what's big clean up the room! that's good start organize your local landscape schedule your time start taking control of yourself  see if you can stop saying thing you know to be lies. you will always have a million excuses not to do it, not to feel like it, not to believe in yourself they are all useless the only thing that matters in your life, in your business is the actions that you are taking and the more consistently  that you take actions the faster you will start to believe in yourself because you will see proof that you are not the kind of person that sits and feels unworthy that you are not a victim that sits by and get sucked into another people stuff that you are not that kind of person so what makes sense to believe it anymore? but it starts with action! 

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I am sure that achieving one's dream in life shouldn't be controlled by others. We can have some suggestions or recommendations from other people, but we are still the one who is going to decide for ourselves.
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For achieving dreams, first of all one need to realize his/her dreams. Most if the time, people are not able to achieve their dreams because they never realize them. So, realization is the first step towards achievement of dream. Then, a perfect plan and high aspiration keep you going to achieve the ultimate dream. 
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Pray for strength to achieve your goals, draft your goals on a paper or make a visionary board put it on a wall to see it Everytime you wake up, I say my positive affirmations everyday because I have dreams that I still want to achieve , just believe in yourself and everything will follow put something action into your dreams.Remember what you say and think come to reality stay positive
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Achieving a dream starts by one starting to dream. This is a first step. What do you dream of. Secondly, chase you dream. You do this by listing down ways of making your dream come true. For example if you want to be an actor start by having a role model in acting who you emulate, join an acting club. Time management also is an important aspect and above all God first. 
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1-Aim High, But Start Low, Celebrate and Keep Going

2-Don't Let Others Set The Goals For You :-

When you let others set your goals or modify them for you, this can have several damaging effects on your ability to achieve them.
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Have a plan for yourself. First step must be the easiest to make but the hardest to control. You need to adopt the lifestyle you want at the first step. The next ones may be tougher but if you practice yourself being in that situation or in that spot, you will be able to come up with the life you want to have on the future
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