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You can reply to anyone who answer your question but not to answer your own question.
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Actually why you do that? I think you didn't need this. Just ask your question. There are some many here to answer.

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Answeree has updated their rewards program recently. They have clearly stated in their rewards program that you need to make 50 posts first and then ask to be accepted into the rewards program. The site will review your answers to determine if you are a good fit or eligible for the program.

In the new update, they have also said that if a person has answered your question and explained it well, don't repeat the answer just to gain points on here. They will review each and every answer you have given on the site when you request you pay out. If some of your answers are just rewarding or repeating another answer on this site, the answer will be deducted from your rewards. They won't pay you for this no matter how many questions you've answered.

Therefore, if you ask a question and you answer this question there won't be any rewards for you for this. There is no need to answer your own questions on here. However, if you see an answer and you think it isn't right, you can always comment on this under the answer. You may also add a like to the answer and select which answer is the best for the question you've asked. That is all you can do when you ask a question here on this site. 

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Why would you do that haha

Anyways, answering your question no. There is no option for me to answer my own questions, the Answer button does not show up.

Also, I have caught a few "questions" on Answeree that people who ask the question add the answer plus some advertisement inside. That is why we have flags here, so we can flag that kind of behaviour.
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