Your friends tells you that one of your friend is being romantically interested with you. Are you just assuming that she's inlove with you or what?
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It is better if this friend of yours will say it directly. Sometimes it is hard to determine if he or she is genuine with his or her intention. There are some people who cannot deliver their real intentions. The reason is that they are too shy to admit it.
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Your friend feel protective towards you. They spend a lot of one on one time with you. They try to get intimate with you
A friend would ask your crush if he likes you. A best friend would push you into him scream and get some and run away
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Your friend likes you. These point will help you that, what are doing that friend like you. you take the time out for you. you always want to impress you. you feel protective towards you. you spend a lot of one on one time with you. you try to get intimate with you
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The worst thing in feeling of this world is seeing your crush fall for one of your closest friend
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As we can't be forced to love someone, I will tell the truth if I don't have love feeling for them. If they're really a nice person and you like them, you can give a chance to be friend with some extra privilege till you can accept them or not. The privilege can be you allow them to accompany you to friends' party, if you have boyfriend, you make this friend as a second person to substitute your boyfriend, of course make this relationship a secret before you can decide who you will choose.
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