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You can make money from blogs in different ways, but the first must-have is a lot of traffic - otherwise you will only make peanuts, regardless of the methods you use to earn cash. Also make sure you have a specific niche :)

You can try affiliate links that is when you advertise a course, a product etc. and then everytime people buy through there or interact you get either some pennies or pennies + comission.

You can try Google Adsense - Google will add ads on your website and everytime someone clicks on them you will earn a few cents. It is great because Google ads content that is relevant to your audience, so make sure you have a specific niche.

You can also advetise websites and people that sell something, so you earn commissions.

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answered by VISIONARY (9,061 points) 5 21 52

As a blogger and website owner I know several great ways to earn money:

  1. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn money on your blog. You'll need to register with several affiliate programs that are in your niche. Don't just register with them all this won't work. You need to find great programs that offer your readers something of value.
  2. They have content locking. This is a great way to make money but it has a downside. If you offer some special eBooks you've written you can lock these books. A person can download them for free if they complete a survey. This can annoy a few people and they don't like this at all.
  3. URL shortners is yet another way to make money on a blog. However, when a person clicks on these links they are redirected to an advertising page which is horrible. You might lose people on your site if you try to use this.
  4. There are upload sites that you can upload books and other related material to that pertains to your blog. A person can download this and you earn money for each download they make.
  5. There are different companies that offer advertisements that you can add to your blog. If a person clicks on them, you can earn money.
  6. You can sell advertising space on your blog site.
  7. You can write sponsored reviews on your blog site. 
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answered by Patron (1,914 points) 3 6 16
There are people who are interested in blogging although they do not know much about what to do. They don't have experience and technical skills. or they have not made money since the first blog post. Therefore, you will have to find how to make money from blogging. Slowly but surely, you will earn.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 18 73
There are so many ways of making money from a blog. The first way of making money is to have organic traffic to the blog to monetize the traffic.Money don't just come from just creating a blog but from inflow of traffic to the blog.

One can sell directly on the blog. If you have a product then one can sell  it on the blog to make money.

You can help advertise people's products on the blog for a fee.People always want a good place to create awareness for their products so you can take advantage of that.

You can approached companies to help create awareness for their brand on your site.Good companies pays well for it.

You can also ask for donation from the blog visitors, they csn donate to the maintenance of the blog.So it pertinent to have an outstanding blog.

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