Even if you do not know the actual answer to this question, I would be interested in knowing what you think the answer might be.
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Out of every 10 girls in the lowest income countries worldwide only 6 girls complete primary school education only 60% girls complete primary school education
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An interesting answer, because the actual number - according to UNESCO - is 60%. Yes, there are some very bad "sink" countries, but the situation has improved dramatically over recent decades.
I get the impression that you edited your original response after I posted my comment! 
Thanks for you call me about my mistake on my answer. Thans very very thanks.
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In my country, most women had finished primary school. It is not allowed for parents not to let their offsprings go to the primary level of schooling here in the Philippines.
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The lowest income countries girls complete only 40% primary school education
What country is this? I am puzzled about your claim. Would you mind telling me more? Thank you.
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Education is somewhat dependent on the financial background of the child, but there are universities and institutions supporting the students with scholarships, so there are students from the financialy back country who complete their education.
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