I have used Twitter for several years as a way to publicise the articles and stories that I publish as blog posts. I am aware - of course - that there are other social media sites that could do the job, and I am thinking of exploring some additional ones. I have tried Facebook in the past but was not happy with it for various reason, so I won't be going down that route.

Can you recommend any that I might try?
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When I was so active making blogs, I use all my social media accounts and that includes you have mentioned. I sometimes use Reddit. In some way, it boosts up my blog contents after sharing it here.
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Thanks for replying. I will have a look at Reddit. You said "includes", so does that mean there were others?
I also use LinkedIn to do this stuff before. There are times that I leave URL links to bloggers on their sites. Unless if we are allowed to leave a comment.

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