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I write reviews for different earning programs online and need to check the rewards programs from time to time. I checked on the site yesterday and saw that the rewards program has changed. I'm just wondering if all new members here on the site understand the new rewards program and how it works? If not it might be a good idea to go there and read it. I've been seeing a lot of issues on the site about people just repeating answering to get paid. As a new member, you now must make 50 posts and send a PM to the site to check your work and accept you into the rewards program. Did you guys know about this one?

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I noticed your post on the Answeree question thread but I am new here and until I read it I didn't realise we had to do 50 posts before we can be considered for rewards. I think that's quite reasonable as it gives the admin an idea of the standard of work we are contributing.

This site is so like my first earning site WebAnswers; we had to do 50 posts there which had to be submitted to Google Adsense for approval. Many people didn't make it as they were so strict about spelling and grammar.  It's lovely to find another site so similar and I'm really enjoying it.
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I noticed this yesterday when I was updating this site earning system on my website. Just thought I'd let others know about it if they hadn't read it yet. 
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Many of those sites got shut down just because of bad quality contents. It has much impact than spammy 'no follow' links. Contents helping organic search is a must for any site to stay alive. So questions are the key. Questions are deciding the keywords on a page. And a quality answer/answers will make the job. Actually, we made the system of 'earn through thanks received' was to keep the quality of the posts. But it doesn't seem to work as we expected. We are always thinking of new ideas to make the overall quality of our community.
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I actually heard this from one of the new members when she posted in forum coin.Then several members seems like they didn't read this rule and disagreed to this.This is good but then the admin couldn't let those points accumulate because some people may end up forgetting to send a PM.Besides I feel like it will really take a long time submitting 50 posts.My question is, how is he going to differenciate the new and the old members?
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I'm sure the site will go by the date you registered and your status on the site. Furthermore, there are new rules for earning too on this site. One of them states very clearly that if a person has already answered a question, given a great answer, and you can't add to the answer, then don't answer it because your answer won't count. The site sees that many people right now will answer the question just to receive rewards points but their answer is so similar to another one that they won't earn from this answer. I can see their point. There is no need for 30 answers all saying basically the same thing. 
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There is nothing to worry about if posts have a minimum quality apart from just making 300 characters minimum count. Moreover, those 50 posts too are counted while calculating payouts.

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