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What is history behind the Afro hairstyle of the African descent?
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It's name is inspired by the resemblance is fro hairstyle. South African women were known for this hairstyles.

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2 Answers

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Afro hairstyle is derived from a fashion of Caucasus (Caspian Sea region) women just for name, there are different names for them. When Criscasus people were used in labour in USA, they took their hairstyle fashion with them to America. In 1860, it become a fashion in parts of America after Civil war due to freedom of slaves and their life of choice. However this is just a name, other countries and culture also have their hairstyle fashion like "Jewfro"in Israel, "Ghunghrale Baal" in India which were so ancient that even in Mahabharata they are mentioned.
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Afro is the name of the hairstyle that became popular in the 1960s, just about the time slavery was abolished. During that time the blacks were finding it difficult to fit in to the society. So they straightened their hair to appropriate white culture. 

However, when the civil rights movement began, black people began to keep their hair in fro as a sign of power, pride and rebellion. But of course this hair style has its root back from the African culture. Take for example The Criscasus people.

These days, Afro is not associated with any racial or political reason and it is a style you can choose to carry if you feel like. It has always been. 
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