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I recover hard drives for a living. So I am in the habit of always backing up all my data. I normally don't do it just once, but three times. I just recently replaced an HDD on my computer and it was fine. However, this morning the boot sector was corrupted and wouldn't boot. This was easy to fix and get it back online in a matter of an hour. All I needed to do was take my recent backup and restore it to the corrupted drive. All it needed to do was rewrite the boot sector and a few files that were corrupted. This is always a lifesaver and you never lose your data. How often do you do a backup of your hard drive? Did you know that your backup can be used to get a new hard drive up and running in record time? The backup can be used to fix any hard drive that has crashed when you add a new one to your computer. 

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This is not my job, but sometimes I lost my important data, so I once decided to make a copy and save elsewhere. This was a fine point as this stores my important data which I need to use later. My last computer's hard drive is of no use now because it was Vista Home Premium, and now no browser of wifi supports Vista. So the saved data is helpful for me. I have plan to buy Linux laptop next to overcome this problem.

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