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I have some power outage problem in my area these days. I am using a canister filter with a light bioload. So I'm a bit confused about the survival of the beneficial bacterial colony in my canister media. How long can a canister filter can be in off position in an aquarium without compromising the safety of my fishes? A quick answer would be helpful. Please help guys.

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It's all depends upon how much bioload your aquarium has? In normal case a 12 hour power outage won't be a problem. Even 24 hour can't be problematic if your bioload is very light.
Actually those beneficial bacterias can survive as much time if enough oxygen and ammonia or nitrite is present. They are using dissolved oxygen so you don't need to bother about the canister is open or not. I have seen on many forum sites that canister should be open in order to keep oxygen levels during power outages. It's really nonsense to do so.
Most of the times people are much worried about aerobic bacteria when power failures occur. But the real fact is only a top filter is having such a risk as the media will be dry when the power is off. So nothing to worry there in case of a canister or internal filter.
In my personal experience I haven't got any problem with my canister filter even for 24 hours in my aquarium with medium bioload.
In your case I can guarantee a 8 to 12 hour off time won't be a problem at all.
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Thank you for your quick response. Now I am not at all worried about beneficial bacterias in canister filter media during power outages. Got a clear picture about how it works. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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